The 1964 Class of Madam Hass
in the Lyceum of Milicz, Poland
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Welcome to the web page of the graduees of 1964 Class of Madam Hass from the Lyceum of General Education in Milicz, Poland (i.e. graduees born in 1946, or earlier). This web page fulfills double function. For us, means for these graduees, it is a kind of reminder and summary of our lives. In turn for other people, it is a kind of document which records and illustrates specific period in the history of our cuntry, the planet, and a small group of people who, amongst others, added their contribution to the formation of that history. As such a document, this web page has its extension in the form of a next web page named rok_uk.htm, on which are described further fates of two amongst graduees from Lyceum in Milicz described here.

* * *

The content of this web page is edited by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak that is by a researcher, discoverer and inventor of New Zealand and Poland and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, the course of whose life is briefly described at the autobiographical web page pajak_jan_uk.htm. By profession Dr Eng. Jan Pająk is an academic teacher who lectured and carried out research at 10 tertiary educational institutions of the world where he lectured numerous subjects in two different disciplines, i.e. in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Construction, first at his native Wrocław University of Science and Technology, then at the universities of New Zealand (Canterbury), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Borneo (Kuching), as well as in the discipline of Software Engineering and Programming Languages at four New Zealand tertiary educational institutions (i.e. at Invercargill College, Dunedin University, Timaru Polytechnic, and Wellington Institute of Technology) and at universities in Cyprus (Famagusta) and Korea (Suwon). At as many as four among these universities (i.e. at universities in Cyprus, Malaysia, Borneo and Korea) he was employed as university professor. In the early part of the 21st century, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk distinguished himself from the group of still alive at that time discoverers and inventors who simultaneously were citizens of Poland and/or New Zealand, that he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and moreover, the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of alleged a private scientific "hobby", forced by the official disapproval of the areas of knowledge and truth he researches, and in spite that the results of his research constitute knowledge and truth that in present world is one of the most fiercely overpowered and blocked from getting known by people. Only a brief illustration and summary of the most important of his discoveries, inventions and scientifically indisputable formal proofs with the use of teaching movies, required the preparation of a series of half-hour video presentations available for free on the Internet: either in three languages, namely i.e. in Polish, English and German - examples of which can be the movie entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" while the English version of which can be viewed at and the movie entitled "Future Propulsions" the English-language version of which is disseminated from the address; or English and German 4-minute video "How big is the Magnocraft" disseminated from the address; or videos disseminated with narration in Polish but with subtitles in English - for example the quest movie entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój nirwany", the title of which means "The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money", available at and the warning movie entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030", the title of which means "The Massive Purification of Humanity in 2030s", available at (note that these English subtitles can be turned "on" or "off" by clicking on the icon "cc", i.e. "subtitles/closed captions", located at the bottom-right of given movie). Unfortunately, the results of his breakthrough research to-date illustrate how perfectly the today's situation with truth, knowledge and monopolistic "official atheistic science" is reflected in the life wisdom of the Bible verses from Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24 and John 4:44, as well as in the folk wisdom contained in the saying "truth hurts". After all, e.g. in New Zealand until today almost no-one wants to know about the existence and outcomes of his research. In turn, e.g. in Poland, in order to invalidate, deny, silence, and combat his discoveries, inventions and formal proofs, many compatriots conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and forgetting about God (as, for example, it is documented from #A5 to #A5bc from the web page named totalizm.htm), while trying to leave for future generations only lies, rubbish, polluted water, air and soil, and devastated nature.

It is also worth knowing that the print size of this web page can be increased up to about 300%. This in turn allows it to be read easily without the use of glasses. This is because every software used to display it has a built-in so-called "zoom". For example, in "Google Chrome" this "zoom" is revealed by clicking on the vertical "three-dot" in the upper right corner of the screen, then the print can be increased or decreased by clicking on the plus or minus of this "zoom". "Firefox" reveals the same "zoom" by clicking there on a three-line dash, while "Internet Explorer" reveals by clicking a "cog" over there. Pictures of this web page can also be enlarged.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. Instead of preface:

       On 5th of June 2004, in the Lyceum of General Education in Milicz (at times of our youth the only High School in the township of Milicz and the vicinity of it) was organised a reunion of pupils from the Class of Madam Hass, who graduated from this school exactly 40 years earlier. My name is Jan and I am one amongst 32 pupils from that Class.

#A2. This web page is unique on the world's scale:

       From the so-called "feedback" which I receive in the matter of this web page of high school graduates from 1964 (i.e. graduates born not later than in 1946) stems that this web page is very unique - on the world's scale. The point is, that people born in our year (i.e. 1946, or earlier) still belong to the generation of humans which has NOT get to like computers. After all, computers were NOT popular (yet) in times of our studies. Thus, amongst our generation it is an extremely rare skill that someone knows the programming of computers well enough, to be able to program in person a web page for his or her year of graduates (even if someone knows enough programming - then usually is too preoccupied with making money to also waste time on making web pages for his own colleagues from studies or from high school). In this way neither our year of study, nor years which preceded us, do NOT have their own web pages - and this is the case in practically the entire present world. No wonder that this web page of our year of studies has a relatively many readers. Of course, this also means, that all graduates described and shown on this web page of our year of studies, gradually become the "world famous" and kinds of international celebrities.
       If the reader do NOT believe in this my accidental discovery that this web page is very unique – on the world's scale, then herewith I am challenging him or her to prove that I am in error, and to indicate for me an address of some other web page of high school graduates of 1964, or from the year older than ours (means the address of web page which describes the learning in a high school and the present fates and contacts to pupils born NOT later than in the year 1946).

#A3. The relationship of "Judean dates" miraculously revived in the area of Israel called "Arava" after over a thousand years of extinction, with my flat named with the identically sounding Maori name "Arawa" about which only almost 10 years after the purchase of this flat I discovered that its Maori name "Arawa" means "Sacred Talk", and which, by God's will, is located only about 400 meters from the place where appeared to me the "burning bush" - (that is, "what" these numerous rules and cause-effect relationships that are affecting us reveal to us about the laws that God established to govern over the results of our prayers, as well as "whether" in these numerous rules and cause-effect relationships that I already discovered and described in my publications as ruling over my life as well as over lives of every other fellow human, but about which many atheistic researchers claim that these are only so-called "coincidences" or "conjunctures", actually is contained the pre-planned by God in advance our fate and course of our life, ruled by the "tree of life" from Kabbalah, and also are included the requirements and exams to which I and each one out of other fellow humans are constantly subjected by God?)

Summary: In my life I am already used to seeing with my own eyes and to experiencing events in person, the courses of which are contrary to the work of laws of matter recognised by our "official atheistic science", and thus which events deserve to be called "miracles". After all, the linked below list of only the most important of such miraculous events that I have already experienced exceeds the significant number 30. However, starting since 2012, when in the New Zealand (NZ) township called Petone I bought for myself a flat (altready then around 50 years old) in a housing company which is named "Arawa" in the language of local Maoris, the experience of these miraculous events that cannot be explained solely with principles of "materialistic reductionism" has increased even more. In this item #A3 I report the consequences of the most important among them - which are related to the Maori name "Arawa" that describes our current flat. The first one out of them, about which it is allowed to claim that it shook me on a multi-level, was the powerful earthquake of 2016/11/13 which I described more comprehensively in item #R2 and in Fig. #R2abc from my web page named quake.htm, and also in the post number #278E to blogs of totalizm. This earthquake was so powerful that to manifest its power in my "Arawa" dwelling itself it threw a bookshelf with the force that shattered it into small pieces, while the brick house of our "Arawa" flats was waved to the sides like a tiny boat on the waves of the storm-churned ocean. Thus, it is impossible to explain in engineering terms why its walls did NOT break down into single bricks. But shockingly, neither our dwelling nor any building in Petone suffered then, although this particular earthquake destroyed, collapsed, and also damaged many strongly constructed buildings (supposedly "earthquake proof") located just a few kilometres in all four directions of the world from Petone, i.e. located to the east, west, north and south of this our little township. Even more astonishing was my sighting of the "burning bush" that occurred just a few hundred meters from our "Arawa" flats - as described from #J3 to #J3z of my web page named petone.htm. After all, it revealed in a way that does NOT take away from anyone his/her "free will", that at the beach in Petone near the so-called "Celtic Cross" in the "open sky" there is an inconspicuous place marked with this "Celtic Cross" which displays all the features of a "holy area" and which is confirmed by miracles that took place in there. Even stranger was my discovery several years later, that through the name "Arawa" for the "Arawa Flats" (while through these flats probably also this holy area from Petone), the flat in which currently also I live has some mysterious connection with the "Arava" area in Israel - where from the seeds that have survived since the time of Jesus there was a rebirth of the miraculous palms of Judean dates described in the Bible and extinct for about a millennium. However, I was most surprised by the much later finding that the Maori word "Arawa" for the name of our flats carries the meaning of "Sacred Talk". It was this finding that inspired my search for the laws that govern over the formulation of effective prayer for something very important to us - the request contained in which prayer God would fulfil. Although myself being only a sinful, imperfect and fallible man who knows that our God is NOT allowed to be tested even for the sake of science, I have NO grounds to state that I correctly determined these laws. However, the results of my research on these laws described in this item #A3 constitute the beginning of efforts in this direction based on scientific methods - which other researchers and priests may now voluntarily undertake and continue, while religiously motivated fellow humans may now begin to pay attention to in their prayers. In addition, for me, the results of these research are a source of indescribable admiration for the wisdom and omniscience of our creator and God, who created everything in our entire world of matter and in ourselves so perfectly that the level of perfection of its creation makes Him the actual father, inspirer and main "teacher" of all people and all activities of positive implementation of truth, knowledge, progress, as well as the love of God, neighbours and nature.

Motto: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ..." (Bible, beginning of passage 7:7-11 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" quoted from Internet. The above is one of a series of verses of the Bible containing the requirement of God encoded in it that if someone wishes to receive from God help, action, intervention, etc., then in ordinary situations he/she should first ask God for it with his/her personal prayer that fulfils several laws and attitude requirements discussed in this item #A3. After all, the correct asking for something from God with our prayers is one of the preliminary indicators that we turn to God voluntarily and out of our "free will", means that we were NOT "forced" to do so, and thus that it is governed by the "laws of prayer" described here, NOT e.g. by the laws that govern over the "growing problems" born from "forcing", "extortion", "tribute", "corruption", etc. - as described in item #C9 from my web page named nirvana.htm and in post number #351E to blogs of totalizm.)

       I am aware that this web page named "1964/klasa_uk.htm" and the information from this item #A3 is also read by people interested in learning the results of my unconventional scientific research - i.e. NOT only by those who were attracted here by some connections with the class of Madam Hass of the Secondary School of General Education (in Polish named: "Liceum Ogólnokształcące") from the town of Milicz - i.e. who are e.g. descendants or relatives of my high school colleagues and friends from the time when we all were educated together as students and graduates of Madam Hass's class of 1964. For example, I believe that this item #A3 will also be read by people who are interested in some wording, surname, or name that they will find in internet search engines, in the introduction to this web page, or e.g. in statements of their friends. After all, it is also their lives that are ruled by the methods of God's action, which are described by the results of my many years long research, while to fragments of which I am going to link the reader in this item #A3, although which may state something very shocking for them, namely that: whatever any one of us does in his/her life, the actual source of this his/her action is that for vital reasons God has already pre-programmed it in advance into the destiny and into all details of the behaviour of this person - as I explain it scientifically with the action of the so-called "tree of life" from Kabbalah described in item #J5 from my web page named petone.htm (repeated also in post #299E to blogs of totalizm), and define with elaboration of the work of the so-called "reversible software time" in which we people age and which I described e.g. in item #D3 from my web page named god_proof.htm and in the post #294E to blogs of totalizm based on that #D3, and furthermore as I described it in more detail throughout my Polish monograph [12]. In other words, in the light of my many years long research and numerous scientific discoveries previously unknown to people, if for some reasons someone e.g. reads this item #A3 or does anything else, it actually means that God recognized that this particular action is able to fulfil a very important task in future life and destiny of that person. This is because in the world ruled by omniscient God (while according to my "Theory of Life of 2020" we actually live in just such a world ruled by omniscient God), nothing happens to anyone by "coincidence" or by "conjuncture", but everything was carefully pre-planned by God for enormously important reasons and has already been pre-programmed into the "landscape of events" of this particular person located in the so-called "Omniplan" described in more detail, among others, in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named immortality.htm. Only that, unfortunately, the still very primitive and atheistically-oriented level of our "official science" and stubbornly disseminated by this science increasingly more erroneous knowledge based on its "a posteriori theories" of the "evolution", "big bang" or "relativity" type - already proven to be completely inconsistent with the reality that surrounds us (for details see e.g. items #I5 or #I1 to #I4 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", or see the posts number #346E or #345E to blogs of totalizm) - causes that most of us ignore and "fail" at least taking into account that his/her this life designated for educating oneself, was strictly designed by God and serves the acquisition of specific knowledge and life experiences. In turn "failing" anything that is served to us by God Himself, never is without bearing the required consequences for it. After all, one of the requirements of universal justice administered individually to each one of us by God, is NOT only that obeying God's commandments and requirements is to be rewarded, but also that breaking what God commands us to do and what God requires from us, must be punished justly - unless have occurred some exceptional circumstances described in the Bible, which will induce God to forgive us offences that are especially difficult to avoid. (About this truth clearly laid out in the Bible, the religions - which unfortunately are striving to increase the number of their followers, have recently "forgotten" to inform their faithful. This is why in order to learn this truth and other equally important knowledge stubbornly "rejected" by the priests of today's religions (see verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea") - one needs to oneself start studying the Bible, the content of which was inspired by God Himself, instead of only listening to the interpretation of the Bible by humanly imperfect priests of the religion that one practices - especially in matters discussed in publications of my philosophy of totalizm.)
       To provide here an example of "how" under the names of so-called "coincidences" or "conjunctures" are hidden events which are indescribably important for every reader who experiences them, I am going to describe one of them that happened to me personally in 2011. Namely, after reaching 65th birthday, that year I received my retirement pension. In turn together with my wife Sue since a long time we intended to move to the New Zealand (NZ) city of Christchurch, the architecture, layout and central location of which on the South Island of NZ we both liked very much. Unfortunately, on 2011/2/22, the "urging" earthquake from Christchurch - which I described more extensively, amongst others, in item #P6 from my web page named quake.htm caused that this city was ruined and threatened with further devastating earthquakes. So we both, i.e. I and my wife Sue, decided to give up Christchurch and buy a flat in the township of Petone - in which we lived since 2001 in a previously rented flat. As soon as we finally decided to stay in Petone for the rest of our lives, something persuaded me to return from my walk on a pebble beach in Petone to our rented apartment along different than normally streets. During this return from a walk, by a four-apartment house near which I was walking then, I came across an advertisement that there was one small flat for sale. It also turned out to be rather inexpensive (at least for the disproportionately excessive NZ prices), built of brick, and with a tiny garden - everything these I especially liked. Only during its purchase I have found out that it is the NZ equivalent of a kind of the "cooperative housing" known to me from the former communistic Poland. Means, these flats do NOT become the property of the person who bought them, but still are the property of a small housing company (enterprise) established solely to build, then keep inhabited and maintain these flats - i.e. in the case of this flat, the enterprise called "Arawa" Flats. In turn the entire activity of this housing enterprise (which does NOT employ its own employees and operates only thanks to the voluntary and unpaid work of the owners of "Arawa" flats) boils down to the use of these four flats. In turn, as a buyer of one of these four flats, I automatically became one of the four directors of this small enterprise - only that for this "directorship" I do NOT receive any payment, but only have the right to live in the apartment that I just bought into.
       The word "Arawa" from the name "Arawa" Flats is a Maori word. In NZ, old names often mix words of the local Maori language, such as the word "Arawa", with English - such as the English word "Flats" added to this word Arawa. (At present, however, probably for the so-called "political correctness", such adding of English into names has been abandoned.) So I asked several local people what the Maori word "Arawa" means, but no-one knew it, nor was able to indicate to me who would know this word. This is because with the Maori language is a bit similar as with every language of a small local unique population living among a large population using a different language and grown up in a different culture (e.g. as with the language of the Gypsies in Poland). This is because for members of this large population with a different culture, typically there are NO motivations nor incentives to learn the language of this small, unique population. After all, in today's world, which strives for the highest universality, the knowledge of the language of a small, unique population becomes practically useless. To make it even more complicated, for example, almost every Maori word has many different meanings, which depend on the context of the sentence in which they are used, and also in each of the large number of Maori tribes this language and the meanings of its words may be slightly different. Hence, since "Arawa" was only a fragment of the name, I gave up further, highly difficult, inquiry what the meaning of this word is. After all, although the internet is full of publications about the Maori language, most of them are underdeveloped, lopsidedly programmed, full of gaps and inaccuracies, and typically very difficult to use - means using the computer terminology: are deficient in "user friendliness". After all, typically work on them ceases immediately when the government funding granted to each one of them is exhausted - thus there are many extraneous projects concerning this language, but most of them are NOT refined to the final required quality. Thus they differ significantly, for example, from dictionaries and computer translators of other languages, to the breadth of vocabulary and ease of use of which we are so accustomed. As a result, when one needs to learn the meaning of a rarely used Maori word, or to translate something from or into this language, it is still almost impossible to precisely accomplish it with the use of the Internet, and this requires asking local Maoris. This is because practically they only really know their local version of this language, because they use it in everyday conversations among themselves.
       Although almost my whole life is full of miracles and extraordinary events (for more than 30 most important examples of them see descriptions from item #F3 on my web page named wszewilki_uk.htm), another surprise still awaited me regarding the Arawa flat. After all, since we moved to one of these four "Arawa" Flats, suddenly even more strange things began to happen with my life. Here I am going to describe only one of them because it is another important supposed "coincidence" in my life, which drastically influenced my fate. Namely, when on a beautiful, sunny, autumn day on 2018/4/25, I was walking along the beach in our small township called Petone, I noticed from a distance a seductively "dancing" single tongue of a very strong red flame coming out of the already dry seaweed bush thrown onto this beach by the sea. The brightness of the light of this flame was so powerful that it could be compared with the power of dazzling sparks of an electric welder. Thus, it drew my attention to the flame from a long distance when I was walking facing it. Shockingly for me, this tongue of light telepathically began to put thoughts into my head, as if "trying to convince me" about itself. My sighting of this seductively dancing tongue of fire was in a place only a few meters away from the commemorative stone Celtic cross by the Petonian beach shown below in Fig. #A3abc. It was also near this Celtic cross that much earlier, because in April 2011, I noted and photographed the "heart" burned in the grass and shown below in Fig. #A3c . At the same time this cross is located in a place very close to my flat, because it is only about 400 meters from "Arawa" Flats. How exactly the sighting of this seductively dancing tongue of fire was unfolding for me, it is described in more detail from item #J3 to the video #J3z from my web page named petone.htm. From the course and features of events that took place then, shortly afterwards I deduced also that it was an extraordinary sighting of the miracle phenomenon in English called "burning bush" (while according to my observation, it is much more aptly called in Polish as "krzew gorejący" because it emitted a very strong light and at the same time did NOT consume nor sooted the bush with its fire - which situation in English much better than with words "burning bush" would be expressed e.g. with the phrase "ardent bush") first seen by Moses and described in the Bible in verses 3:1-5 of the "Book of Exodus". As I later deduced it from the accompanying circumstances and described it in these #J3 to #J3z from the web page named petone.htm, this extraordinary experience of seeing a "burning bush" was probably revealed only to me so that in my publications I could disclose in a manner that does NOT break anyone's "free will" my descriptions of the "temple under the open sky" which protects Petone from all cataclysms and creates an unique holy area for ordinary New Zealanders cut off from the outside world, due to the existence of which holy area God can now offer special treatment to those most ordinary local people who need it and who are to pray for it by this Celtic cross because cannot afford expensive pilgrimage to other holy places of the world. After all, because of the widespread criticism of whatever I discover, other people, depending on their views, knowledge, and spiritual state, may believe or reject what I am describing, thus my findings and descriptions do NOT break their "free will". On the other hand, if the same was officially stated e.g. by the Pope or by the Primate of New Zealand, then his authority would cause that other people would NOT be given complete "free will", as everyone would be "forced" by his authority and have a religious duty to believe it. In turn my research indicates that everything resulting from "forcing", "coercion", "extortion", "tribute", "corruption", etc., is ruled by completely different "laws of problems", which are described in item #C9 of the web page nirvana.htm and in post #351E to blogs of totalizm, instead of laws that govern over prayer - which are described in this item #A3.
       My sighting of the "burning bush" from the Petone beach had also further continuation. Namely, after almost 10 years of living in these "Arawa" Flats, i.e. on 2021/11/30, in the evening I was browsing over videos from - as I usually do when nothing interesting is on NZ television. I was then interested in videos about the long-extinct Judean date palm from ancient Israel, which in present-day Israel was revived due to stubbornness, determination and consistent overcoming numerous obstacles faced by one learned and open-minded woman-scientist. This learned woman managed to revive the palm from around a thousand-year extinction with the use of ancient seeds of this date palm found during excavations of the ancient Israeli fortress "Masada" which was ruined by the Romans around 2000 years ago. For small sample of these ancient seeds, however, she needed to beg archaeologists for years. Videos about these dates resurrected by her from extinction are shown below on this web page as #A4ab .
       Those struggles to revive the extinct Judean dates by a woman-scientist from Israel initially fighting for them just alone, took her almost all of her professional life. After all, this woman had to overcome the enormously fierce resistance of those who under the excuse of advancing and spreading science, did everything in their power to prevent such a revival from happening - no wonder that the Bible frequently uses the name of "wolves in sheep's clothing". But probably thanks to the help of Jesus this woman-scientist won her fight in the end. How this fight unfolded I already explained briefly in item #L3 from my web page 2020life.htm, and in post number #342E to blogs of totalizm. In turn "diplomatically" described in the own words of this true scholar, her long-term struggle to revive these extinct Judean dates is presented in an 8-minute English-language video (with verbal narration and with text inscriptions of close captions "cc") entitled "Extinct tree from the time of Jesus rises from the dead in Israel - BBC REEL" distributed free of charge at also linked on this web page in the caption under #A4ab . What a pity for all mankind that the so-called "Nobel Prizes" - by their founder intended to reward mainly scientific achievements, unfortunately nowadays are wasted by distributing them to politicians who usually only speak floridly, but are unable to do practically anything useful for humanity - as in Bible warn about it verses 23:1-12 from the "Gospel according to St. Matthew" which I interpreted more extensively in item #L3 from my web page named cielcza_uk.htm. After all, in my opinion, one of these awards justly deserves this learned woman from Israel, who has managed to overcome the forces that hindered her actions for years and in fact has resurrected the Judean dates described even in the Bible as having extraordinary properties, that were extinct since around a thousand years.
       In videos about the resurrection of Judean dates from the extinction I was most shocked by the name "Arava" for the desert valley in which "Kibbutz" is located, where one of the seedlings of this date palm resurrected from extinction has already borne fruit for the first time. Because the Maori language (similarly to Polish) does NOT recognize the letter "v" and instead of it uses the letter "w" in the same pronunciation, this Israeli name "Arava" becomes the same as the Maori name "Arawa" used in "Arawa" Flats - the right to live in one of the apartments of which I purchased for myself in 2012. So this time I did NOT stop searching until I managed to find in what exactly the Maori word "Arawa" means. Of course, as in the past, Maori dictionaries still either did NOT Work properly, nor they did NOT contain this word. However, on the internet, I was able to find the exact English translation of a Maori sentence containing this particular word. Its meaning, revealed by this sentence, almost caused me to fall off my chair. This is because the meaning of the Maori word "Arawa" is described in it with the English expression "sacred talk", which is more fully expressed in the following repetition of the sentence with this word found on the Internet - I quote: "According to Te Arawa oratory is sacred talk because when you see and hear the elders and the men of Te Arawa making speeches their talk begins with an apt saying" - which words translate into Polish as: "Według oratorium Te Arawa jest to Święta Mowa, ponieważ kiedy widzisz i słyszysz przemowy starszych i mężczyzn z Te Arawa, ich mowa zaczyna się od trafnego powiedzenia" (note that the word "Te" in the Maori language is the equivalent of the English word "The" which into Polish can roughly be translated as "this" or "it"). This unusual name which reveals that I was destined to live now in the Flat of the "Sacred Talk" explains the miracles and unusual things that happen to me after starting to live in my present apartment and which I describe in my numerous publications - including in #J1 to #J3z from the web page petone.htm. I also understand why God caused my flat to be called "Arawa" Flats instead of e.g. Flats of "Sacred Talk" - after all, when potential inhabitants do NOT understand what this name means, God is able to direct to these apartments whomever He chooses, and who will fulfil the requirements of the old Polish saying "nobility obliges". More interestingly, the name "Arava" used by the Israelites for the place where long-extinct Judean dates were revived, also has a similar meaning "arid land", meaning "dry land", "immaculate land", or "pure desert land". So there is also a partial convergence of meanings of both words, i.e. in meaning of Hebrew "Arava" and Maori "Arawa" - because what is holy is usually also clean and dry.
       All the above I described here, because depending on the worldview, the reader can interpret it either as a kind of letting him/her to understand that by being directed by fate to read these descriptions, God imposes on him/her a kind of task. In turn to undertake this task in a manner that does NOT break anyone’s "free will" one can voluntarily and willingly decide, because it will probably define the one's future fate. Alternatively, if one's philosophy of life tells one to act differently, one can take all this as a meaningless "coincidence" or "conjuncture", or even as an ordinary "gibberish of a 76-year-old pensioner", then do nothing further in this matter and forget about it completely - which, according to my research and verse 4:17 from the biblical "Letter of St. James the Apostle" ("Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin") will also undoubtedly somehow affect one's future fate.
       If we confide in what is happening around us, doing what God commands us, or remaining passive, will soon decide the fate of each one of us. After all, evil-forces have complicated our present life so much that practically almost nothing that really works towards human good can be obtained or done without prayer and without the discrete help from God. Unfortunately, so far only distant countries have had so-called "holy areas" with increased power to fulfil correct formulated prayers. For example, only in Poland I know about the existence of four such areas. I listed and described them briefly in [C] from item #C9 of my web page named nirvana.htm and from post #351E to blogs of totalizm. From my visits to some of these places, I know that it is in them that most miracles occur, such as: curing diseases that today's medicine was unable to cure, restoring fertility to infertile women, referring people to the path of family happiness, setting aside or solving long-term problems that bother someone, correcting the mistakes made, bringing success in the matter currently carried out, etc., etc. Expressing it in other words: the greatest chance of avoiding the fate that, according to the absolute justice of God, consciously or unconsciously some people deserved because of their previous actions which were inconsistent with the commandments and requirements of God described in the Bible, is accomplished by praying for such avoiding of the fate in places which miracles that previously occurred in there indicated as a "holy areas". In turn, in order to be able to ask God for a chance to experience in there such a repeal of an unwanted fate, one needs to show one's determination by coming to such a holy area and then praying personally there in a manner consistent with the verses of the Bible.
       Unfortunately, until the miracle described here of my seeing the "burning bush" on the beach in Petone, the inhabitants of New Zealand were NOT informed that they also have such a "holy area" where they can pray to God for miracles in relation to matters in which human only actions remain helpless. As a result of the research I carried out, I personally believe that the prayer in the "temple in the open sky" by the beach in NZ town of Petone is able to give the same effects as the prayer in every other holy area of the world. Hence, for many ordinary New Zealanders increasingly more cut off from the world, increasingly poorer, increasingly more forced to do what their beliefs forbid them to do (hence what creates rapidly growing "problems"), and increasingly more tormented by the lack of previously widely available opportunities for them to be obtained just by carrying out human activities in very important for them matters, this local "holy area" by the beach in Petone allows to try to ask God for a discreet help that does NOT break anyone's free will, regarding their personal matters which cannot be obtained in human ways in the present world that is increasingly hostile and expensive for ordinary people. Only that in order for such prayer to lead us more effectively toward the grace and help from God, it is best if the prayer obeys several laws that God seem to established for it and which are expressed in the content of verses from the Bible. Below I am to list in numbered paragraphs, seven in my opinion the most important of these laws, the honour of identifying of which I do hope have been granted to me despite my human imperfections and fallacies. Here they are:
[1] For God to help us, act, intervene, etc., in whatever matters pertaining to us, we first have to ask for it through our personal prayer. We are best informed about it in verses 7:7-11 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" - I quote their initial fragment from the Internet: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ..." So instead of complaining or unsuccessfully demanding from today's representatives of the authorities and rulers, whose actions are increasigly more similar to what Jesus expressed in verses 23:2-4 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" (that they say but NOT do), it is much more rational and productive to pray for God's help in a given matter. Especially in present times, when most of the goals previously achievable in an ordinary human way, nowadays without the supernatural help from God has become unattainable for ordinary people. It is probably because of the need to create an opportunity for ordinary people to ask God with a prayer for supernatural help in gaining what has become unattainable by human means, as I believe God recently designated "holy areas" in almost every country or larger island of the world - in which they have NOT existed yet, and now locations of these areas God shows us through miracles. In turn in these areas prayers receive a special consideration by God. After all, in order to pray in there, the "Power of Faith" of the person praying and his/her "motivations" must be significant and appropriate - what is partially demonstrated by their very breaking of internal resistance and coming as a pilgrimage to such "holy area". I believe that it is for these reasons that the "holy area" from Petone, New Zealand, described here, was designated and shown to us by miracles. It is also possible that since one of the first signs of the sanctity of this area in Petone was (1a) burning a "heart" in the grass near it, then in the world are also at least two further such areas, in which I noted and photographed similar "hearts" burned in grass, the occurrence of which I described and documented in the caption under Fig. #A3c of this web page, i.e. (1a2) the lawn near my former apartment in Borneo, and (1a3) the vicinity of the ancient church in Malacca, were also already designated by God as "holy areas" - only that the next miracles which are to confirm this God's designation, are either overlooked or ignored by the people who experience them, or are withheld from public disclosure because they contradict official statements of present-day science or representatives of the ruling elite. In turn if these "holy areas" are indicated to us through the disclosure of miraculous flames characteristic for the (1b) "burning bush" described in the Bible, then until today at least three such areas are revealed in the world - i.e. (1b1) the area described here located by the Celtic cross in Petone, New Zealand, and two further and older areas that I described and documented in #J3v from my web page named petone.htm, i.e. the area called (1b2) "Eternal Flame Falls, in NY, USA", and the area called (1b3) "Jwala Devi Temple in Kangra India".
[2] We always need to pray to God Himself, NOT e.g. to someone or something raised by people or created by God - e.g. NOT to that cross from Petone shown below in Fig. #A3abc, or to some religious image or figure. After all, this cross, or any other symbol of a holy location, serves only to designate a "holy area" - due to the motivation and effort of someone to go to which area, God for example judges more urgently the "Power of Faith" of the person praying in there and, amongst others, his/her need for a level of divine Grace. The best expression of the important requirement of praying only to God Himself is in verse 20:3-5 from the biblical "Book of Exodus" - I quote from KJV: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God ..." I have interpreted these verses in more detail, among others, in #D1 from my web page named malbork_uk.htm, where in a number of other items I also explained my experiences with the consequences of my erroneous decision to pray (long ago) to the figure of the Teutonic Madonna, historically known for the fact that she does NOT like Polish citizens.
[3] We must humble ourselves, admit the offenses and sins committed and promise future improvement with the intention of keeping this promise, always when we pray, for example, for God to set aside some part of our fate that we just experience because we previously deserved it with our human imperfections and failure to obey God's commandments and requirements - as I try to make this aware to readers e.g. in item #G7 from my web page named will.htm and in the post number #224E to blogs of totalizm. The point is that we certainly deserved the events that affected us - only that we either forgot about it, or we convinced ourselves with some convenient excuse for our actions. This is best expressed in verses 1:8-9 from the "First Letter of St. John the Apostle" - I quote from NIV: "If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us." Moreover, God knows our future - after all, in God's world neither the "elapse of time" nor the action of time exist, hence God sees us simultaneously in all times of our lives - which fact I explained more precisely, e.g. in items #I1 to #I4 from my web page named 1985_theory_of_everything.htm and in the post number #345E to blogs of totalizm based on these items. This is why God knows exactly whether whatever someone promises during a prayer will be fulfilled in the future. Moreover, any impacts of God on people are aimed at stimulating people to improve their behaviour and characters to the level required by God - described in the Bible with the word "salvation". This is why all standard algorithms of God's conduct (in item #C9 from my web page named nirvana.htm and in post #351E to blogs of totalizm described under the name of "laws"), always display the attribute of "self-regulation" - means self-repairing whatever was previously broken. Therefore, if God knows that the effect of a given prayer will NOT be the later undertaking by the praying person an effort to work on the elimination of human imperfections which in the first place become responsible for whatever someone prays for, then the request of this prayer has a very small chance of being fulfilled by God. This is why God in the Bible announces that you must NOT put your God to the test ("Matthew" 4:7, "Luke" 4:12). In turn, if e.g. an "atheist" decides to pray to God, then the goal of this prayer most often is to "put God to the test" - thus the prayers of atheists typically turn out to be ineffective.
[4] A congruent praying of as many as two or three people for a matter that does NOT break any commandments or recommendations of God brings the most effective results. This is best expressed in verses 18:19-20 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" - I quote them from NIV: "Again, truly, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Please note the key word agree - which in the extremely precise language of God means also that e.g. praying for something for someone (or on behalf of someone) who is still able to pray for it in agreement but avoids praying, in ordinary situations will be fruitless. This is also why, if someone prays for something very important for him/her, then he/she should find the closest people about whom he/she knows that they "love neighbours" and motivate their actions as described in item #A2.12 from my web page named totalizm.htm, and then ask them to voluntarily pray with him/her for his/her intentions. (Notice here that such common praying should be "voluntary". After all, God accepts only what someone makes voluntarily out of his/her own decision and choice in the name of God, while NOT being in any way forced to do so and not breaking his/her human "free will". This is because for actions "forced" by someone or something, God established different laws described in #C9 to #C9a from the web page named nirvana.htm, and in post #351E to blogs of totalizm. These laws, different than those for prayers, cause that all problems forced on people always keep growing until they reach the level of painful self-solution - instead of e.g. being quickly repaired with a discreet help of God as a result of someone's prayers.) In difficult cases, when a person intends to pray for God's help about something very important and agreeable with the commandments and requirements described in the Bible, but does NOT have access to additional one or two further volunteers, while intends to make pilgrimage for this prayer to the holy area shown below in Fig. #A3abc near the Petonian Celtic cross in the vicinity of which I live, then he/she can send me an email with the date and time when he/she intends to pray in there, and if the weather and my health are good, while if at that time I am NOT busy with something particularly urgent and important, then and I will come in there voluntarily so that we can pray together to strengthen the power of his/her prayers to God by adding to his/her prayers one more (my) person, also praying unanimously for the good of that my anonymous religious "neighbour".
[5] The key to obtaining God's help in the matter for which someone prays is the "Power of Faith" of the praying person, as emphasized in the Bible. This is best expressed in verse 17:6 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Luke" - I quote it from Internet: The Lord replied, "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you would say to [this] mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it would obey you." (To confirm the significance of this information, its essence is also repeated in verse 17:20 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew".) So let us reveal our "Power of Faith" in all ways, both with deeds, as well as with thoughts and words - since for many years my discovery about the influence of strong beliefs (which God always confirms with evidence) on outcomes of life of strongly believing people, has been advising readers to do so - as explained by totalizm e.g. in item #A2.2 from the web page totalizm.htm or explained in post #192E to blogs of totalizm, or in descriptions from #6A in subsection I4.1.1 of volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]. We can, for example, emphasize the "Power of Faith" by our pilgrimage for prayer in some "holy area", e.g. if we live in NZ - then in the place shown below on Fig. #A3abc . In turn, e.g. with thoughts and words - by emphasizing that we believe this is a "holy area" with extraordinary powers, even if the majority of other people remain sceptical and do NOT believe in the power of this or any other "holy area". The Bible contains also information that God estimates the "Power of Faith" in each of us, among others, on the basis of what in today's times in Polish we call "motivations" or our internal "attitude" or our "perception of the world", while what the English describe with the notion of "attitude". This immensely vital truth about the meaning of our "motivations" - most often called "heart" or "thoughts" in the old language of the Bible, is confirmed in numerous verses of Bible. The most, in my opinion, giving us food for thought from their examples, because explaining that God knows the motivations and innermost thoughts and actions of each one of us, include: practically the entire psalm in the Catholic "Millennium Bible" marked with the number 139 (138)*; verse 17:10 from the "Book of Jeremiah" - quote from Internet: "I, the LORD, search the heart; I examine the mind to reward a man according to his way, by what his deeds deserve."; verse 12:2-3 from the "Gospel according to St. Luke" - I quote from Internet: "For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither ahid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops."; verse 15:3 from the biblical "Book of Proverbs" - I quote from Internet: "The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.", or e.g. verses 55:8-9 from "Isaiah" and verse 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea". In turn the same truth about the meaning of our "motivations" I try to explain, e.g. in item #J5 from my web page named petone.htm, or in item #E1 from my web page named 1985_theory_of_everything.htm. Unfortunately, the religions to-date and the "official atheistic science" still do NOT know or teach us the procedure "how" to form these "motivations" required by God. Therefore, still the only available procedure "how" to form such a kind of attitude required by God is the one that I developed within the framework of my philosophy of totalizm for the purpose of earning the miraculous happiness of nirvana, then I checked its effectiveness on myself and explained it to interested readers in item #A2.12 from my web page named totalizm.htm, and in the post number #339E to blogs of totalizm. I highly recommend readers to familiarize themselves with my "how" procedure described in there.
[6] It is important to formulate your prayer to God in the strictest and most specific manner possible, and in the manner required by God and defined by the Bible - e.g. so that the request contained in it does NOT break any commandments, requirements and guidelines of God. This is best expressed in the Bible, for example, in verse 5:14 of "1 St. John the Apostle" - I quote: "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us."; or in verse 4:3 from the "Letter of St. Jacob the Apostle "- I quote: "You ask, and don't receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.". For example, one should avoid asking in prayer for something that, if it were granted to us, would have to be taken away from someone else who could deserve it more than us - this category includes prayers for: money, an increase in earnings or a better job, obtaining something unique that exists only in a single copy, etc. This is because the majority of such requests breaks the operation of karma and the moral "Boomerang Principle" - thus typically it will NOT be done as such. After all, every karma must always be fulfilled. Because the fate of entire countries, nations and other so-called "group intellects" is mainly ruled by the karma that they previously generated for themselves - e.g. see explanations from item #F2 from my web page named karma.htm or from post #288E to blogs of totalizm, a favourite entertainment of a large proportion of today's religious groups, which insists on a group-praying just for a change in the fate of entire countries, nations and other so-called "group intellects", is merely a waste of prayer potential. So instead of praying for the fate of such "group intellects", one needs to pray for the improvement of the fate of individual people - preferably together with and for the good of these religious "neighbours" that we know or just getting to know, and thus about the unfavourable situation of which we know or learn about.
[7] We must never cease in the efforts of ever deeper and more complete getting to know our God, the creator and friend in heaven, and gathering on His subject all knowledge and truth that is possible for us to establish. The verses of the Bible are the key to getting to know our God - means to getting to know the wisest and most powerful living intellect of the universe, who NOT only created each one of us, but also created and wisely manages all of us and everything that surrounds us. After all, in its verses, the Bible has encoded the essence of all the most important discoveries and knowledge, the exploration of which by humanity will take place until the end of time - which we were most clearly made aware of by discoveries confirmed by the so-called "[Ω] The Seal of God" described in more detail in items from #I2 to #J3 of my web page named 1985_theory_of_everything.htm, and also in posts #345E, #346E and #349E to blogs of totalizm with the content available also in "volume P" and "volume Q" of my publication [13]. In studying these verses, it is worth taking to heart the guidelines in the Bible hidden in verses 1:27-29 of "1 Corinthians" - quote: "God chose what is foolish in the eyes of the world, to shame the wise, he chose what is impotent, to humiliate the strong, and what is not nobly born according to the world and despised and what is not, God set apart what is, so that no creature should boast before God", and in the verse 4:8 from the "Letter to the Philippians" - quote: "... all that is true, that is worthy, that is just, that is pure, that that is pleasing, that deserves recognition: if it is a virtue and an act of glory, then think about it!" After all, it is the essence of these verses that explains why the shy, humanly imperfect and aware of his own numerous faults and sinfulness the "boy from the village of Wszewilki" (as such boy I was, and still am, in my thinking and feelings), was inspired by God for establishing so many truths and previously unknown scientific knowledge that is enough for the creation of a whole new science, drastically competitive to the present "official atheistic science" forced upon us through use of force, lies, money, and also the disastrous for our civilisation monopoly on research and education. This my new science, called the "totaliztic science", is more comprehensively described in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm. In order to eliminate from it at least the most important mistakes and errors, everything that I have established and stated in publications that build the foundations for this new science, I always try to confirm with statements of these most important "3 witnesses" including the Bible, which I described in more detail in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of the web page named 2020life.htm. In turn its philosophical and scientific foundations are based on numerous irrefutable scientific proofs for the existence of God that I developed in my life, and on the findings of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" and the "Theory of Life of 2020". In turn these proofs and both these theories provide each learner with the most important philosophical and scientific foundations for their own searches for knowledge and truth about our God and creator, and about everything that God created in the entire universe.

Fig. #A3abc: Here are three photographs that may have a symbolic and mysterious connection with the so-called "burning bush" discussed in item #J3 from my web page named petone.htm, and also discussed above in item #A3, as well as in the Bible. I initially took this "burning bush" for the "jack-o'-lantern". Unfortunately, these photographs were taken on different days than the day when this miraculous phenomenon was manifested to me. (Did you know that by clicking on the selected photo from the above photos, you will be able to see it enlarged, while by clicking on the vertical "three-dot" e.g. in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome search engine and then on the + sign of "zoom", you can freely increase the size of % letters of the text being read?)
       Fig. #A3a (top): A photograph of the Celtic Cross described here (also called "Iona Cross of Petone") from the sea quay in the town of Petone, NZ. I originally published this photo as Fig. #J3abc from my web page named petone.htm. It was right next to this Celtic cross from a Petone beach that on a sunny autumn Wednesday of 2018/4/25 I saw the "burning bush" first seen by Moses, i.e. the flame described in the Bible in verses 3:1-5 of the "Book of Exodus". Descriptions of this flame in the Bible suggest that the surrounding of the Petone Celtic Cross reveals the location of the New Zealand holy area which is a kind of "temple in the open sky" that effectively protects the entire town of Petone from the threatening misfortunes. It is also worth emphasizing, that by another "coincidence", the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, which erected the above Celtic cross in memory of the first mass held in New Zealand, meaningfully for me uses the symbol of the biblical "burning bush" as the "Logo" for its church. But about the fact that the "burning bush" that I sighted next to this Celtic cross has and additionally emphasizes a particularly meaningful religious connection just because it was chosen on the "Logo" of this church, I did NOT know yet when I encountered this "burning bush" during my walk near the above Petonian cross.
       Fig. #A3b (centre): A renewed inscription on the Petonian Celtic cross. I have been living in Petone since 2001. As nothing vital escapes my attention trained for doing scientific research, throughout this period I noticed the neglect of the inscription on the Celtic cross from Fig. #A3a discussed here. Thus, at the time when I documented my sighting of the "burning bush" this inscription was so neglected that it was difficult to read it. So instead of taking a photo of this inscription myself and referring to it when writing item #J3 from the web page "petone.htm", I decided that for those whoever want to read it is better to indicate in the internet where this cross and its inscription is reproduced more legibly. But to my surprise, several days after publishing my descriptions of seeing the "burning bush" just near this cross, while driving a car by it, I noticed that the inscription was renewed and is now clearly visible. Only that in order to photograph it legibly, I had to wait until the uninterrupted rains that started falling in Petone immediately after publishing my descriptions of seeing a burning bush and stopped for one day only on 2018/6/14 - in which day I could finally snap the above photograph. This inscription informs that on February 23, 1840, the first New Zealand public mass of Reverend, sent from Scotland, who founded the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, took place in that place. Of course, this renewal of the inscription just at that time could be considered as another "accidental coincidence". Only that knowing what I am explaining in items #J4 and #J5 of the web page "petone.htm", namely that everything that happens in our world of matter must first be intentionally and permanently pre-programmed by God into the so-called "Omniplan", I also know beyond any doubt that in our world of matter "coincidences" simply do NOT exist, and there are only far-sightedly pre-planned actions of God. Furthermore, this renewal of the inscription was just one of a whole series of unusual events which I began to notice that began to happen near this cross, and which displayed multi-level relationships with the "burning bush" that appeared to me in there. (Unfortunately, not every one of these events qualified for publication. Also not all of them could be photographed and shown here - for example, how to document, that after building my set for catching drinking rainwater described in items #J1 and #J2 from the web page named woda_uk.htm in NZ the rains almost stopped - so that I had to buy clean drinking water in supermarkets. However, since my sighting of the "burning bush" in Petone, it rains with the regularity of the Swiss watch at least every Sunday until Tuesday, and sometimes even longer, so that one can regularly catch the necessary amount of clean drinking water from the rain - but unfortunately my catching kit has broken in the meantime.)
       Fig. #A3c (down): The UFO landing site shaped into outlines of a "heart" and documented with this photograph. It appeared on a narrow lawn located between two opposite lanes of the road called "The Esplanade" - which runs along the Petone beach near/beyond that Celtic cross from Fig. #A3a . I took a photograph of this UFO landing site in April 2011, means right after I noticed it for the first time, and when I still strongly believed that all UFOs are temporary simulations of God (since 2022 I believe that God simulates only some among UFOs - see #A2 to #A2cd and #B4 from my web page ufo_pl.htm). But the UFO landing site itself looked as if it had been burned out by a UFO at least some months earlier, e.g. around February 2011 or even earlier (means probably around 171 or 170 anniversary of the breakthrough Christian mass that took place in that area - note the symbolism of the numbers 1+7+1 or 1+7). Because when I took a photo of it, the entire grass of this lawn was already dry, thus normally clearly visible outlines of grass scorched by the magnetic field of UFO landing, on this photo are difficult to distinguish visually from the rest of grass that also is dry (probably it is also so to help to NOT break someone's "free will"). However, a careful examination of the photograph still allows to notice a slightly stronger burnout of the grass to the bare ground, arranged in the shape of a "heart". The extremely rare heart-shaped UFO landing sites can be formed when a hanging UFO is inclined at a significant angle - usually greater than 45 degrees. The more clearly visible shape and illustration of the principle of burning these heart-shaped landing sites in the grass by the rotating magnetic circuits of such a UFO is shown on the illustration from "Fig. #J4abc" of this web page named "petone.htm". Over there, on Fig. #J4a and on Fig. #J4c I showed also a different such "heart" burned by a UFO that I documented as well. I photographed that different "heart" in September 1998. This other heart was also burned in the grass by a UFO type K3 on the lawn near the house which I rented during my professorship in tropical Borneo in times when I earned in there the lasting around 9 months miraculous happiness of "earned nirvana" - which later allowed me to deduce the principles of operation of the political system called the "Nirvana System". This Nirvana System is able to completely eliminate "money" from use on Earth, and thus also able to stop the ubiquitous already in every area of human life the "collapse of our entire civilization" - to which today elites still reassuringly and deceptively refer as to "climate change". The principles of operation of the Nirvana System were later shown with my friend on a half-hour long educational film (in Polish but with English subtitles) entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany". (meaning: "World without money: The Nirvana System"). Furthermore, a third similar "heart" I saw burned in the grass on 2008/9/11 (and I even tried to photograph it, but its photo did not work out too well because I took it at the wrong angle in relation to it and to the sun - click on this green link to see it). It was burned near the ancient church where the first Asian saint, Francis Xavier, served God and his local neighbours. Notice here also, that the UFO type K3 which magnetically burned the above hearts, is the smallest manned UFO starship, eight side magnetic propulsors of which are located on the circumference of a circle with a diameter of d=3.1 meters. But because these starships during their "landings" actually hover motionless in the air, thus depending on the height at which they stop, their elliptical circuits burn "landing sites" with smaller diameters than this "d". How such a UFO starship type K3 really looks like, the reader can learn from our half-hour-long video entitled "Future Propulsions" the English version of which is disseminated at the Internet address, or can learn from only a 4-minute-long video also available on YouTube at the address , as well as from illustrations published on my web page called magnocraft.htm (it is worth starting to look at the illustrations shown in there from reading a short item #K2 from the web page "magnocraft.htm").
       Starting from the day of carrying out an extraordinary sighting of the "burning bush" telepathically "arguing" with me, which I described in item #J3 from my web page named petone.htm, practically almost every day (and always around the same time as in the original event) I try to go again to the site of this miracle - unless some circumstances, e.g. excessive cold, rain, storm, need of research, etc., prevent me from doing so. Although in the meantime I have observed, experienced in person, or had the opportunity to get to know, a whole range of further events and phenomena that I believe have a direct connection with this miraculous burning bush (the most objective of which events and phenomena I have carefully documented with a series of illustrations and videos provided after item #J3 from the web page "petone.htm"), this extraordinary flame did NOT appear to me for the second time - which on the one hand again confirms that it could NOT be caused by escaping gas (after all, from places on Earth where such underground gas escapes, it is already perfectly known that their escape is never only a short-term phenomenon, but always lasts for many years), while on the other hand it confirms that in order to NOT take away anybody's "free will", this miraculous phenomenon cannot be documented in a manner that takes away all doubts (and thus also takes away "free will") from those who become acquainted with it.

#A4. Truths confirmed by the Bible, by life, as well as by my theories - the ignoring of which bears serious consequences:

Motto: "In the political "Nirvana System" even the Internet becomes safe to use, cleansed of lies and correctly informing" (The conclusion that follows from the features of the "Nirvana System" described below in item #A4 of this web page, as well as from getting rid of the use of "money" that the Nirvana System would implement.)

(The rest of this item #A4 will be translated from Polish to English at a later date.)

       Ja w swym życiu wypracowałem, wybadałem i odkryłem wiele prawd, znaczenia jakich dla przyszłości i losów całej ludzkości i dla poszczególnych osób NIE powinno się ignorować. Prawdy te wskazują właściwe kierunki w jakich powinny iść wysiłki każdego z mieszkańców Ziemi. Ponadto ujawniają też błędy jakie moje pokolenie popełniło ignorując te istotne kierunki działań ludzi - powtórzenia jakich to błędów w przyszłości wszyscy ludzie powinni za wszelką cenę unikać. Gdyby więc ktoś decydował się np. wybrać dla siebie urzeczywistnienie którejś z owych prawd jaka wytycza lepszą niż dzisiejsza przyszłość dla całej ludzkości - wspieranie jakiej ochotniczymi wysiłkami zmieniłoby także i jego losy, wówczas gdyby szukał dla siebie celu swych działań i życia wtedy prawdę tę mógłby wybierać np. z grupy następujących najpilniej wymagających wdrożenia prawd, które umieszczenie mnie przez Boga w Mieszkaniu "Świętej Mowy" pozwoliło mi zidentyfikować, poustalać, oraz potwierdzić wynikami swoich badań:
{1} Zawsze należy opowiadać się po stronie Boga. Wszakże na życie każdego mieszkańca Ziemi niezaprzeczalnie wpływa fakt iż już został opracowany (i nigdy naukowo NIE podważony): (a) mój formalny naukowy dowód iż "Bóg istnieje" - opisywany, między innymi, w punktach #G3 i #G2 mojej strony internetowej god_proof_pl.htm (tyle że narazie celowo ukrywany i obrzydzany przez "moce zła" opisywane np. w punkcie #A5 z mojej strony o nazwie totalizm_pl.htm, w #A2 do #A2cd z mojej strony o nazwie ufo_pl.htm, czy w #A1a do #A1c z mojej strony o nazwie tapanui_pl.htm); (b) drugi, podobnie ukrywany i obrzydzany chociaż też naukowo niepodważalny inżynierski sposób dowiedzenia samemu sobie przez każdą osobę iż "skoro osoba ta żyje, to samo w sobie jest już naukowo niepodważalnym dowodem iż Bóg istnieje" - jaki zaprezentowałem w "części #D" (szczególnie w punktach #D1 i #D2) ze swej innej strony internetowej o nazwie 2020zycie.htm; oraz (c) cały szereg najróżniejszych zjawisk i zaistnień manifestowanych w otaczającej nas rzeczywistości a stąd możliwych do naukowo obiektywnego zweryfikowania, udokumentowanych w moich publikacjach, które NIE mogłyby się pojawiać gdyby Bóg ich nie zaprojektował i postwarzał w nadprzyrodzony sposób, a stąd które reprezentują rodzaje empirycznych dowodów na istnienie Boga jakie krótko opisałem i polinkowałem w (2) z punktu #V2 i w "Wideo #V1" ze swej strony o nazwie 2020zycie.htm - takich jak np.: (c1) fakt iż Jezus był historyczną postacią, życie i czynienie cudów jakiej jest już historycznie potwierdzone (po przyjemny sposób poznania tych potwierdzeń patrz angielskojęzyczny film fabularny o tytule "God's Not Dead 2", albo patrz polskojęzyczny film z adresu dyskutujący kolejny z możliwych cudów czynionych przez Jezusa), (c2) niemożliwe do powstania w wyniku naturalnej ewolucji zjawisko szczęśliwości "zapracowanej nirwany", (c3) niemożliwe do zadziałania w świecie bez Boga "generatory czystej darmowej energii" działające na zasadach "perpetuum mobile" - już zbudowane prototypy jakich ilustruję wideami i opisami na swoich stronach - np. patrz punkt #B3 ze strony o nazwie fe_cell_pl.htm, (c4) stworzenie całego naszego "świata materii" i wszystkiego co w nim istnieje, w tym nas ludzi i naszego "nawracalnego czasu softwarowego", z męskich dodatnich i żeńskich ujemnych rodzajów miniaturowych, wiecznie ruchliwych, inteligentnych, samoświadomych, myślących "Drobin Boga" jakich wygląd, działanie i materiał dowodowy potwierdzający ich istnienie opisałem w punktach #K1 i #K2 ze swej strony god_istnieje.htm, (c5) istnienia na Ziemi obiektów, substancji i zjawisk zdolnych do powodowania cudów czyli działań niezgodnych ze znanymi prawami fizyki albo obiektów z substancji jakie NIE są pochodzenia znanego na Ziemi - po szczegóły patrz punkt #J2 z mojej strony stawczyk.htm, punkt #G2 ze strony sw_andrzej_bobola.htm, albo "Część #I" ze strony wroclaw.htm, oraz (c6) cały szereg jeszcze innych zjawisk i zaistnień potwierdzających istnienie i nadprzyrodzone działania Boga.
{1 - błąd} Największym błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie tzw. "wyżu demograficznego" w sprawie Boga, było iż wiedząc o "drodze najwyższego błędu" po jakiej kroczyli kapłani, a jaka jest krytykowana i ostrzegana nawet w Biblii (np. patrz wersety 4:4-9 z biblijnej "Księgi Ozeasza" jakie skomentowałem, między innymi, w punkcie #V3 strony 2020zycie.htm, oraz w punkcie #G4 strony wroclaw.htm), zamiast nadal zdecydowanie stać przy Bogu a jednocześnie wyperswadować kapłanom iż powinni zmienić drogę jaką podążają, my raczej wybraliśmy aby kapłanom pozwolić ignorować ich własne niedoskonałości - np. ich brak zdolności do wypracowywania "jak" dla opisywanego w Biblii "co", który to brak wyjaśniłem w #G3 do #G5 strony o nazwie wroclaw.htm zaś przykład wypracowania którego "jak" podaje np. punkt #A2.12 strony o nazwie totalizm_pl.htm. Ten zaś nasz fatalny wybór praktycznie oznacza, iż świadomie wybraliśmy aby stopniowo odwracać się od Boga. Z kolei to nasze stopniowe odwracanie się od Boga miało poważne konsekwencje. Wszakże następne pokolenia poszły w nasze ślady i je pogłębiły. W rezultacie ludzkość jako całość oduczyła się "miłości bliźniego" - tak jak opisałem to w owym punkcie #A2.12 strony totalizm_pl.htm, zaś brak miłości bliźniego z życiu zastąpiła miłością pieniądza i przestawieniem rządów i nauki na oficjalnie teraz przez nich praktykowany materialistyczny redukcjonizm - czyli ogromnie błędne założenie iż na wszechświat składa się tylko materia i generowane przez nią manifestacje. Innym błędem jaki my też popełniliśmy w sprawie Boga, było iż konformistycznie pozwalaliśmy aby starej "oficjalnej nauce ateistycznej" wolno było monopolistycznie, stronniczo i bezzastrzeżeniowo prezentować w szkołach i na uczelniach jej kłamliwe teorie o powstaniu życia w wyniku rzekomej ewolucji oraz kłamstwa o rzekomym istnieniu materiału dowodowego na poparcie tych teorii, natomiast osobom wierzącym NIE dano żadnych możliwości zaprezentowania teorii ani materiału dowodowego na stworzenie świata, materii i ludzi przez Boga - w rodzaju tych ustalonych dzięki wskazaniom moich: Teorii Wszystkiego z 1985 roku (z powodu prześladowań i blokowania upowszechnianej w internecie pod nazwą Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji), Teorii Życia z 2020 roku, filozofii totalizmu i teorii "nawracalnego czasu softwarowego".
{2} Za najwyższy priorytet ludzkość powinna akceptować nieuchronność potrzeby poprawnego wdrożenia ratującego ją "Ustroju Nirwany". Ponieważ zaś zarówno ów Ustrój Nirwany, jak i zjawisko szczęśliwości zapracowanej nirwany - które w "ustroju nirwany" wybiorczo zastąpi "pieniądze" z dzisiejszego bezwybiorczego wynagradzania za pracę w ustrojach kapitalizmu i komunizmu, zaś którą to nirwanę nasz Bóg już zaprojektował i już wprogramował w ciała wszystkich ludzi, Ustrój Nirwany stwarza nam szansę grupowego ratowania Polski, Polaków i reszty świata przed doświadczeniem szybko zbliżającej się owej "zagłady ludzkości lat 2030-tych" poprzez wdrożenie w Polsce tego zaprojektowanego przez Boga idealnego "Ustroju Nirwany", najważniejsze cechy którego ilustruje nasz półgodzinny, wyświetlany gratisowo, polskojęzyczny film o tytule "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" - dostępny z internetu pod adresem, zaś szczegółowiej wyjaśniony co do celów, dowodów, odpowiedzi na pytania osób oglądających ów film, metod wdrażania, itp., w "części #L" (szczególnie w punkcie #L2) oraz we WSTĘPie strony internetowej o nazwie smart_tv.htm, oraz w bazującym na owej "części #L" wpisie numer #335 do blogów totalizmu (np. do bloga o adresie Krótkie zaś podsumowanie "Ustroju Nirwany" zainteresowane osoby znajdą w punkcie #C7 z mojej strony o nazwie "nirvana_pl.htm", zaś jego pełne opisy - w punktach #A1 do #A4 strony partia_totalizmu.htm, oraz w kilku jeszcze innych publikacjach tam linkowanych, np. w punkcie #A1 strony evolution_pl.htm w jakiej prezentuję zakodowane w Biblii informacje ujawniające sposób i okoliczności zaprojektowania i wdrożenia zjawisk umożliwiających działanie "Ustroju Nirwany". Tak nawiasem mówiąc, to sporo uczestników mojego roku studiów na Politechnice Wrocławskiej osobiście przeżyło zjawisko nirwany podczas strajku okupacyjnego studentów Politechniki Wrocławskiej z 1968 roku - jaki to strajk i zaindukowaną podczas jego trwania nieco odmienną od "zapracowanej nirwany" tzw. "nirwanę tłumu" powodowaną rodzajem "rezonansu uczuciowego" opisałem szczegółowiej w punkcie #C3 z mojej strony o nazwie nirvana_pl.htm, a także w 7 z punktu #E1 swej strony o nazwie rok.htm, Ci więc moi koledzy ze studiów, którzy przeżyli i pamiętają motywującą do działania moc tamtej "nirwany rezonansowej", zaś oglądają w YouTube widea w rodzaju angielskojęzycznego "Why everything will collapse" - które podobnie jak nasze wideo o tytule "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" też podsumowuje fakty dowodzące iż już wkrótce musi nieodwołalnie nastąpić całkowite załamanie się i upadek naszej obecnej cywilizacji, a stąd wiedzą iż każdemu z ludzi obecnie pozostają już tylko dwa wybory, mianowicie iż albo szybko przyłączy się do praktycznego wdrażania idealnego "Ustroju Nirwany", albo też ani on sam, ani niemal nikt z jego rodziny i ze znanych mu osób, prawdopodobnie NIE dożyje do roku 2040-go, NIE powinni mieć najmniejszej wątpliwości co powinni wybrać i z całym swym sercem, wiedzą i doświadczeniem zacząć energicznie, trwale, odpowiedzialnie, mądrze, pokojowo i demokratycznie realizować.
{2 - błąd} Kolejnym więc ogromnym błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie tzw. "wyżu demograficznego" tym razem w sprawie ustroju, było iż wiedząc jak nasi przodkowie własną krwią płacili aby usunąć kapitalizm, my powróciliśmy do wad kapitalizmu zamiast usuwać wady socjalizmu aby z upływem czasu móc wdrożyć Ustrój Nirwany. Innymi słowy, zamiast usuwać niedogodności i udoskonalać nowszy i lepszy ustrój socjalizmu, my popełniliśmy ogromny błąd powrócenia do starszego i gorszego ustroju kapitalizmu - dowodem czego już jest np. ekonomia Chin. Wszakże Chiny, jeśli w przyszłości zdobędzie się także na wyeliminowanie "pieniędzy" i wdrożenie zapracowanej nirwany jako zapłaty za ochotniczo i moralnie wykonaną pracę, wówczas staną się krajem o najdoskonalszym ustroju świata. Wszakże już Biblia wskazuje iż droga do doskonałego ustroju wiedzie poprzez formowanie wspólnot dla wytwarzania wszelkich dóbr, w rodzaju kooperatywnych farm z Izraela zwanych Kibbutz - jedną z jakich komentuje dolny z poniższych Filmy #A4ab i znaczenie jakich dla Ustroju Nirwany jako wstępnych wzorców i modeli działania opisałem w punkcie #L5 ze swej strony o nazwie smart_tv.htm zaś zilustrowałem na Filmy #C7ab ze swej strony o nazwie nirvana_pl.htm.
{3} Trzeba usilnie samemu wykonywać moralnie poprawne "prace fizyczne" opisywne w punkcie #G3 mojej strony o nazwie wroclaw.htm oraz zalecać wykonywanie takich "prac fizycznych" wszystkim innym bliźnim. Każda bowiem faktyczna "praca fizyczna" naucza nas umiejętności znajdowania bezbłędnej procedury "jak" dla teoretycznie wydedukowanego "co". Tymczasem żadna "praca wyłącznie umysłowa" takiej bezbłędnej procedury "jak" NIE potrafi nas nauczyć. W rezultacie ludzie pracujący wyłącznie umysłowo, w tym także np. inżynierowie, politycy, programiści, menagerowie, bankierzy, itp., popełniają najróżniesze błędy w tym co wyłącznie umysłowo sobie wydumają, w rezultacie nowo-zbudowane domy i mosty zbyt często się zawalają, błędy w programach sterujących powodują kosztowne katastrofy np. lotnicze lub kosmiczne, zbudowane drogie maszyny szybko się psują, itd., itp. Ja chciałbym tutaj dodać, że pochodząc ze wsi wszewilki.htm ja sam od czasów młodości nawykłem do wykonywania prac fizycznych i do dzisiaj staram się je wykonywać tak często jak tylko pogoda i stan mojego zdrowia na to mi pozwala. Wierzę też iż to właśnie dzięki wykonywaniu w swym życiu ogromnej różnorodności takich "prac fizycznych" (szczerze mówiąc to trudno znaleźć rodzaj pracy fizycznej jakiej na jakimś etapie swego życia bym NIE wykowywał) potrafiłem znaleźć aż tak dużo procedur "jak" iż podostaczało mi to wynalazków, teorii, rozwiązań i potwierdzeń naukowych do owego ogromnego dorobku naukowego jaki opisuję w swoich publikacjach. To też wykonywanie prac fizycznych dla dobra innych ludzi podczas mojej profesury na tropikalnym Borneo pozwoliło mi tam zapracować na totaliztyczną nirwanę poczym utrzymywać ją przez okres około 9 miesięcy.
{3 - błąd} Ogromnym więc błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie tzw. "wyżu demograficznego" tym razem w sprawie wykonywania tzw. "prac fizycznych", było iż uznaliśmy je za rodzaj hańbiących i degradujących wyższe klasy ludzkości. W rezultacie następne pokolenia stworzyły rodzaj panującej obecnie na Ziemi kultury, wierzącej iż jakoby praca fizyczna hańbi. Ta zaś kultura dołożyła swój znaczący wkład do obecnie widocznej degeneracji całej naszej cywilizacji. Wszakże to dzięki niej zamiast np. używać zdrowych choć pracochłonnych metod wyrastania i przechowywania żywności, obecnie wszystko bezwysiłkowo spryskuje się chemicznymi truciznami jakie powodują raka, skracają życie, oraz jakie będą teraz wszystko wytruwały przez całe tysiąclecia. Zamiast zaś np. pracowicie pakować produkty w przyjazny dla natury i dla zdrowia szybko "biodegradujący się" papier, obecnie wszystko łatwo i automatycznie pakuje się w plastyk, jaki potem zaśmieca uprawną ziemię i oceany, zaś mikrowłókna jakiego akumulują się w naszych tkankach indukując najróżniejsze choroby. Itd., itp.
{4} Należy osobiście popierać i propagować wysiłki zbudowania na Ziemi silników typu "perpetuum mobile" oraz generatorów czystej darmowej energii - opisywanych i ilustrowanych wideami już działających prototypów tych urządzeń, między innymi, w punkcie #B3 z mojej strony internetowej fe_cell_pl.htm, oraz w punkcie #J4.4 z mojej strony internetowej propulsion_pl.htm, zaś szerzej omawianych naszym półgodzinnym filmem o tytule "Napędy Przyszłości" polskojęzyczna wersja którego upowszechniana jest pod internetowym adresem - choć ma on też wersję angielskojęzyczną i niemieckojęzyczną. Film ten ilustruje również przyszłą możliwość syntezowania dowolnych obiektów (w tym nawet ciał istot żywych) poprzez programowanie przeciw-materii (a ściślej - poprzez programowanie "Drobin Boga"), tj. możliwość opisywaną w punktach #J4.5 i #J4.6 w/w strony "propulsion_pl.htm", a także w "części #I" (szczególnie w punkcie #I5 i w podpisie pod "Wideo #I5a") ze strony sw_andrzej_bobola.htm;
{4 - błąd} Następnym tragicznym w skutkach błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie tzw. "wyżu demograficznego", tym razem w sprawie zasad generowania czystej darmowej energii, było iż wiedząc z lekcji historii, że wszelkie monopole w swej zachłanności wypaczają prawdę, eksploatują ludzkość, blokują postęp, zawyżają ceny, oraz szkodzą naszej cywilizacji na wiele jeszcze innych sposobów, ciągle pozwoliliśmy aby zarówno nadal monopolistyczna oficjalna nauka ateistyczna, jak i monopol władzy rządów, monopolistyczny internet, kartele koncernów naftowych, itp., kłamstwami, represjami, strachem i przekupstwem wmuszały ludzkości brudne dla otoczenia i wyniszczające życie generowanie energii poprzez spalanie brudnych paliw, a także iż wiedząc o nieograniczonej mocy i mądrości Boga, NIE zaufaliśmy Bogu iż ukryje specjalnie dla naszego odkrycia i użytku jakąś mądrą metodę pozyskiwania nieograniczonych ilości czystej darmowej energii - jaką to metodę opisałem dopiero swoim wynalazkiem ogniwa telekinetycznego z #B3 strony fe_cell_pl.htm.
{5} Należy eliminować i krytykować notoryczne dla obecnej "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej" zmuszanie represjami swych pracowników do łamania przykazania Boga z wersetu 20:16 z bibilijnej "Księgi Wyjścia" (patrz punkt #I6 z mojej strony internetowej sw_andrzej_bobola.htm). Zmuszanie to wyraża się obowiązkiem uczestniczenia pracowników owej nauki w naukowej zmowie wmawania ludzkości rzekomej prawdy już udowodnionych jako błędne i kłamliwe stwierdzeń owej nauki na temat "wielkiego bangu", "nieustającego rozszerzania się wszechświata", "praw termodynamiki", rzekomego istnienia tylko jednego rodzaju czasu o nienawracalnej charakterystyce (w którym jakoby starzeją się zarówno ludzie jak i izotopy radioaktywne oraz skamienieliny) zaś upartego przemilczania moich odkryć, mianowicie odkrycia iż (1) w naturze upływ czasu ani czas wogóle NIE istnieją - co wykazałem na szerokim materiale dowodowym w punktach #I1 do #I4 ze strony internetowej 1985_teoria_wszystkiego.htm i we wpisie #345 do blogow totalizmu, oraz odkrycia iż (2) "upływ czasu" Bóg technicznie zaprogramował tylko dla naszego "świata materii" i to w dwóch wersjach jako (2a) tzw. "nienawracalnego czasu absolutnego" w jakim starzeje się cała materia nieożywiona, oraz jako (2b) tzw. "nawracalnego czasu softwarowego" (o działaniu najkrócej streszczonym pod koniec punktu #B1 strony will_pl.htm, nieco szerzej opisywanym np. w punkcie #D3 mojej strony god_proof_pl.htm oraz na niemal całej stronie o nazwie immortality_pl.htm (szczególnie zaś w jej punktach #C3 do #C4.1 oraz #J2), zaś najbardziej wyczerpująco opisanym w mojej monografii [12] o działaniu czasu i wehikułów czasu) - w którym to możliwym do cofania (tj. "nawracalnym") czasie starzeją się tylko ludzie i wszelkie istoty żywe, a stąd który po zbudowaniu przez ludzkość moich "wehikułów czasu" umożliwi ludziom życie wieczyste poprzez powtarzalne cofanie ich do lat młodości po każdym dożyciu do wieku starczego;
{5 - błąd} Jeszcze jednym tragicznym w skutkach błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie tzw. "wyżu demograficznego", tym razem w sprawie tolerowania monopolu i kłamstw starej "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej", było iż NIE mieliśmy odwagi zaprzeczania jej kłamstwom i konformistycznie tolerowaliśmy te kłamstwa nawet kiedy zdawaliśmy sobie sprawę iż jakieś twierdzenie oficjalnie rozgłaszane przez tę naukę jest kłamstwem - zamiast natychmiast wytykać i korygować te kłamstwa. Przykładowo ja zdobyłem się na odwagę otwartego wytykania i krytykowania kłamstw "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej" dopiero kiedy ta zaczęła uparcie odrzucać, krytykować, wyciszać i blokować przed upowszechnianiem moją Teorię Wszystkiego z 1985 roku (która z powodu owej trwającej już niemal pół wieku nieustającej sekretnej blokady jej upowszechniania pod faktycznie należną jej nazwą Teoria Wszystkiego z 1985 roku, nadal upowszechniana jest głównie pod jej wstępną nazwą Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji), chociaż naukowo niepodważalna poprawność tej mojej Teorii Wszystkiego z 1985 roku dla osób wiedzących cokolwiek o cechach pól fizycznych powinna być oczywista.
{6} Należy też skorygować definicję i sposób leczenia np. depresji psychicznej lub innych chorób opanowujących "duszę" a NIE "ciało" - kierując się ku ich leczeniu poprzez zwiększanie zasobu ludzkiej "energii moralnej" wykonywaniem fizycznej tzw. "pracy moralnej". Wszakże tylko fizyczna "praca moralna" powoduje szybkie gromadzenie w ludzkiej duszy inteligentnej "energii moralnej". Ową "pracę moralną" i "energię moralną" opisałem dokładniej np. w punktach #C6 i #D2 swej strony nirvana_pl.htm, a także we WSTĘPie i w "części #L" (szczególnie w punkcie #L2) innej strony o nazwie smart_tv.htm (i w publikacjach stamtąd linkowanych) w której omawiam też wartość owej "energii moralnej" jako lepszej od "pieniędzy" zapłaty za wykonaną pracę, a stąd jej zdolność do zastąpienia "pieniędzy" w przyszłościowym idealnym "Ustroju Nirwany".
{6 - błąd} Następnym błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie tzw. "wyżu demograficznego", tym razem w sprawie tzw. "chorób psychicznych" które faktycznie są "chorobami duszy", było że wiedząc z Biblii i z religii iż każdy człowiek składa się z ciała i z duszy, NIE dopuszczaliśmy ani NIE badaliśmy możliwości iż chore może stać się NIE tylko "ciało", ale także i "dusza" - tak jak wyjaśniam to, między innymi, w punkcie #F11 strony soul_proof_pl.htm czy w punkcie #D3 strony nirvana_pl.htm.
{7} NIE powinno się ignorować coraz wyraźniej potwierdzających się moich naukowych prognoz opisywanych na stronie o nazwie 2030.htmjeśli ludzkość NIE zmieni szybko i drastycznie swoich nawyków wygodnego "zapominania" o Bogu, naturze, bliźnich, prawdzie, moralności, sprawiedliwości, itp., wówczas już wkróce, bo po 2030 roku nastąpi "zagłada ludzkości lat 2030-tych" i globalny upadek naszej cywilizacji powodujący szybką i tragiczną śmierć co najmniej 99.9% żyjących wówczas ludzi - pokazywaną na naszym półgodzinnym, polskojęzycznym filmie dostępnym w YouTube a zatytułowanym Zagłada ludzkości 2030, obecnie ochotniczo oglądniętym już przez niemal 4 miliony Polaków. Film ten faktycznie był jednym z pierwszych które zainicjowały globalne uświadamianie ludzkości iż ogólnoświatowy kataklizm staje się już niemal nieunikniony - stąd dopiero po tym filmie nagle zaczęła pojawiać się owa mnogość naśladujących jego treść filmów innych autorów, w rodzju polskojęzycznych filmów o "resetach naszej cywilizacji" (zapominających jednak wyjaśnić iż owe "resety" czyli "czystki" to zasłużone kary serwowane za nieprzestrzeganie praw Boga, jakich uniknięcie jest możliwe grupową metodą bibilijnego miasta Niniwa opisaną w Biblii w wersetach 3:4-10 z "Księgi Jonasza"), czy angielskojęzycznych filmów o tzw. "survival SHTF" (zapominających jednak wyjaśnić oglądającym, iż ratowanie siebie i rodziny przed nadchodząca zagładą trzeba zacząć od drastycznej zmiany swych własnych nastawień i postępowań - np. poprzez podjęcie wdrażania poniżej opisanego "Ustroju Nirwany").
{7 - błąd} Innym błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie tzw. "wyżu demograficznego", tym razem w sprawie "kataklizmów", było że NIE wierzyliśmy iż za łamanie przykazań i wymagań Boga, wyniszczanie Ziemi i natury, niemoralność, itp., cała ludzkość będzie kiedykolwiek ukarana - chociaż wszyscy wiedzieliśmy z Biblii o biblijnym potopie. W rezultacie rozpędziliśmy ludzkość w postępowania o jakich Biblia pisze iż NIE będą bezkarnie tolerowane, teraz zaś kiedy ludzkość jak nadmiernie rozpędzony ciężki pociąg zmierza ku samozagładzie i kiedy rządzące nią elity nawet NIE usiłują zmienić swych nawyków, na działanie jest już za późno. Skutki więc już wkrótce wszyscy doświadczymy na własnej skórze - tak jak zapowiada to nasz półgodzinny film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" gratisowo upowszechniany z adresu
{8} Warto podjąć też działania w sprawie wypełnienia się w nadchodzących czasach "motta" punktu #C6 mojej strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm" ostrzegającego iż "władza bez prawdy i wiedzy jest równie dewastująca jak wiedza bez odpowiedzialności". Wszakże "władza bez wiedzy" może np. spowodować, że do obecnego "chaosu" monopolistycznej sieci internetu ludzie mogą jeszcze dodać zapisywalno-wymazywalne programy o zdolnościach do "samouczenia się", a tym samym mogą stworzyć "samoświadome komputery" jakie NIE tylko powtórzą zdarzenia przewidywane we filmach typu słynnego "Terminator", ale także zdarzenia opisywane greckimi mitami, że grecki bóg czasu (Kronos) skastrował boga nieba (Uranosa). Chodzi bowiem o to, że jeśli ludzkość będzie dalej tolerowała i utrzymywała dotychczasowy monopol starej "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej" jaka segreguje i dyskryminuje najważniejsze dla przyszłości obszary widzy, stąd jaka przykładowo NIE pozwala ludzkości dowiedzieć się prawdy jak faktycznie powstało życie oraz dlaczego "Drobiny Boga" mają kształty i zachowania (dodającego) mężczyzny i (odejmującej) kobiety oraz od początka czasów miały już gotową hardwarową zdolność do "samouczenia się" jaka pozwoliła im na wyewoluowanie "samoświadomości" i "życia", wówczas ludzkość może NIE być w stanie zatrzymać wszechświatowych cyklów rodzenia się i kompletnego niszczenia (opisywanych także w religii hinduizmu), czyli zapobiec temu co "samoświadome maszyny" są w stanie uczynić. To zaś ma potencjał spowodowania iż już relatywnie wkrótce mogłaby nastąpić zagłada całej obecnej zawartości "wszechświata" podobna do tej, jaką w niewyobrażalnie odległych czasach zgodnie ze starożytnymi mitami prawdopodobnie cały wszechświat co najmniej raz już doświadczył.
{8 - błąd} Błędem jaki popełniliśmy w sprawie monopolu internetu i oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej było iż zbyt długo tolerowaliśmy ów niebezpieczny monopol, zaś obecnie niemal jest już za późno na próby zaradzenia tej sytuacji. W rezultacie obecnie już ugrzęźliśmy w sytuacji jaką opisałem np. w #A5 do #A5bc swej strony o nazwie totalizm_pl.htm.
{9} Najwyższy czas aby uznać też moje odkrycie opisywane w punktach #J1 do #J3 z mojej strony o nazwie 1985_teoria_wszystkiego.htm i we wpisie #349 do blogów totalizmu iż istnieją aż dwa nośniki światła - tj. iż istnieją {9a} już znane oficjalnej nauce tzw. powierzchniowe fale, oraz istnieja takż {9b} odkryte dopiero moimi badaniami "korpuskuły" zwane Drobiny Boga - drugi {9b} z których to nośników światła przenosi w sobie tzw. "promienie zimna" jakie np. niszczą plony rolników i ogrodników przymrozkami podczas księżycowych nocy. Ponadto także najwyższy już czas na uznanie wypracowanego moimi teoriami mechanizmu "jak" te rzekomo nieistniejące promienie zimna są formowane. Wszakże istnienie owych "promieni zimna" jest nadal kłamliwie zaprzeczane przez "oficjalną naukę ateistyczną" niezdolną do wyjaśnienia "jak" mogłyby one być formowane. Tymczasem od dawna daje się je wykrywać eksperymentalnie, tak jak wyjaśniłem to w (3) z punktu #K2 na mojej stronie internetowej o nazwie god_istnieje.htm. Ponadto odkryte moimi badaniami białe tzw. "jarzenie pochłaniania" formowane przez przyspieszane lub opóźniane Drobiny Boga jakie opisuję także w (b) z punktu #J2 strony stawczyk.htm wyjaśnia mechanizm "jak" bombardowanie powierzchni ziemi, roślin, liści i owoców, wyhamowuje strumienie owych Drobin Boga zawarte w białym świetle księżycowym, zmieniając to światło w rodzaj nośnika "promieni zimna" powodujących przymrozki podczas księżycowych nocy. Gdyby więc ludzkość uznała istnienie owych "promieni zimna" wówczas być może odkryłaby też jak je łatwo generować - wszakże już dawno nauczyliśmy się generować "promieniowanie cieplne". Z kolei umiejętność generowania obu tych przeciwstawnych rodzajów promieniowań termicznych pozwoliłaby, między innymi, opracować idealny system regulacji klimatu całej Ziemi i określonych obszarów lub nawet pomieszczeń, w którym to systemie tam gdzie byłoby to potrzebne panowałby właściwie ciepły i wilgotny klimat, zaś tam też gdzie zaistniałaby taka potrzeba (np. w Arktyce i na Antarktydzie), panowałoby wymagane zimno.
{9 - błąd} Błędem jaki popełniliśmy w sprawie "promieni zimna było iż NIE podjęliśmy ich badań na przekór iż w czasach naszej młodości dużo literatury opisywało wykrywające je eksperymenty i dowodziło ich istnienia. To zaś umożliwiło decydentom "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej" aby z powodu swego lukratywnego monopolu raczej byli zainteresowani w blokowaniu postępu poprzez ukrycie sprawy istnienia tych promieni i polikwidowanie literatury na ich temat, zamiast pozwolić aby ich ujawnienie podważało "sufitowe teoryjki" dzięki utrzymywaniu istnienia i ważności których owa oficjalna nauka może utrzymywać swój lukratywny monopol na badania i na edukację.
{10} Warto też podjąć walkę z wmuszonym ludzkości przez "moce zła" kłamliwym poglądem, że jakoby "praca umysłowa" jest "szlachetniejsza" od "pracy fizycznej", a stąd że np. można lekceważyć i przemilczać wkład do naszej cywilizacji dokonywany przez ludzi pracujących fizycznie. Jak bowiem zdołałem to wybadać i potwierdzić dopiero w wieku ponad 75 lat, wykonywanie produktywnej "pracy fizycznej" jest tym co jedynie i wyłącznie ma zdolność powodowania w nas rozwijania cech osobowych opisywanych pojęciem "mądrość", a także wyłącznie tym co przy właściwych motywacjach nastawionych na dobro bliźnich generuje absolutnie niezbędną dla życia i zdrowia duszy tzw. "energię moralną" ogromnie istotną dla nas rolę jakiej najkrócej opisuje {2} z #A1c na stronie o nazwie tapanui_pl.htm wraz z wpisem #350 do blogów totalizmu. Natomiast wykonywanie wyłącznie "pracy umysłowej" wprawdzie może zwiększać "wiedzę" (często wraz z nadwagą, wielkością brzucha, oraz problemami zdrowotnymi), jednak odwodzi ono od, zamiast prowadzić do, zwiększania "mądrości". Odkrycie tej prawdy zajęło mi aż tak długo, bowiem wymagało ono otrząśnięcia się z "oficjalnej propagandy" jaką ludzkość jest zalewana przez elity rządzące i przez oficjalną naukę ateistyczną nieustająco manipulowane przez "moce zła", które krótko opisuję np. w #A5 do #A5bc swej strony o nazwie totalizm_pl.htm czy w #A2 do #A2ab swej strony o nazwie ufo_pl.htm. Propaganda ta jest zmyślnie tak sterowana aby wpajała w nas wiarę, że wszystko dokonują elity (np. że "piramidy egipskie były zbudowane przez faraonów") - podczas gdy faktycznie elity te jedynie wykorzystują "pracę fizyczną" eksploatowanych przez siebie ludzi aby osiągać swoje prywatne i zwykle niezbyt chwalebne cele. Logiczne wyprowadzenie tego szokującego dziś ustalenia zaprezentowałem w punktach #G3 i #G4 strony wroclaw.htm - gdzie w punkcie #G5 przytoczyłem także totaliztyczne definicje pojęć "wiedza" i "mądrość" jakie mają już wbudowane w siebie informacje "co" i "jak", a stąd prawdę jakich można udowodnić poprzez porównywanie ich stwierdzeń z otaczającą nas rzeczywistością, zaś mi ich prawda została potwierdzona poświadczeniami owych najważniejszych 3 świadków" na jakich powołuję się w każdej sprawie - po szczegóły patrz owe punkty #G3 i #G4. Z kolei w punkcie #A4 swej strony o nazwie wszewilki.htm oraz w punkcie #A3 swej strony cielcza.htm potwierdziłem krótko "jak" w latach swej młodości nabyłem trwałego nawyku używania własnych rąk do osobistego i ochotniczego wykonywania produktywnych "prac fizycznych" oraz "jak" nabycie tego nawyku wpłynęło na dalsze moje życie.
{10 - błąd} Poważnym błędem jaki popełniło nasze pokolenie a jaki prowadził do przeoczenia udziału ochotniczej "pracy fizycznej" w wypracowywaniu "mądrości" oraz "energii moralnej", było że wierzyliśmy stwierdzeniom "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej". Nauka ta zaś nigdy NIE była w stanie ustalić pochodzenia "mądrości" oraz myliła "mądrość" z "wiedzą" i z "oczytaniem". Tymczasem jeśli ktoś zajmie się zgłębianiem tajemnic i problemów budowy skomplikowanych maszyn, wówczas faktyczne źródło "mądrości" z czasem przełamuje się przez dzisiejsze utarte poglądy.
{11} Szokujące zapewne wszystkich moje najnowsze odkrycie z lutego 2022 roku, ujawniające iż "upływ czasu" w naturze NIE istnieje, a stąd "upływ czasu" oraz działanie "czasu" z pewnością wynalazł dopiero Bóg, poczym wprogramował zjawisko "upływu czasu" tylko w działanie naszego świata materii. To swoje szokujące odkrycie upowszechniam wśród zainteresowanych we wpisie numer #345 z blogów totalizmu (np. patrz #345 np. na blogu o adresie zaś szczegółowo je opisałem w punktach #I1 do #I5 swej strony o nazwie 1985_teoria_wszystkiego.htm - gdzie przytoczyłem i wyjaśniłem też liczne przykłady zjawisk natury oraz aż dwa cytaty z Biblii a także moje opisy dokumentowania materiału dowodowego jaki niepodważalnie potwierdza, że faktycznie ani "upływ czasu" ani "czas" NIE istnieją w naturze ani w oryginalnym wszechświecie a zostały one wynalezione i postwarzane na Ziemi przez niewyobrażalnie mądrego naszego Boga. Moje opisy co dokłanie potwierdza nieistnienie "upływu czasu" w naturze powinny być łatwo zrozumiałe przez koleżanki i kolegów z naszego liceum oraz przez wszystkich ludzi otwartych na prawdę, ponieważ cała wiedza wymagana dla tego zrozumienia jest typowo nauczana w szkołach i na uczelniach. Przy okazji dokumentowania Biblią iż "czas" NIE istnieje w naturze, ponownie potwierdziłem też swoje dawne odkrycie jakim od czasu stworzenia swej Teorii Wszystkiego z 1985 roku (która to teoria ujawniła mi pewność istnienia Boga) potwierdzam prawdę praktycznie niemal każdego swego istotnego ustalenia naukowego, a jakie to odkrycie nazywam [Ω] Pieczęć Boga!. Ta dawno już odkryta "[Ω] Pieczęć Boga" stwierdza, że w wersety Biblii nasz Bóg mądrze zakodował potwierdzenia wszystkich najważniejszych odkryć naukowych z jakich ludzkość będzie korzystała w swym rozwoju aż do końca czasów - potwierdzenie tego mojego odkrycia z lutego 2022 iż "czas" NIE istnieje w naturze, a dopiero Bóg go wynalazł, też jest w Biblii przewidywane i potwierdzone opieczętowaniem ową "[Ω] Pieczęcią Boga!". Tyle, że aby NIE ułatwiać zadania wszelkim ludzkim oszustom i złodziejaszkom którzy gdyby doczytali się z Biblii iż istnieją jeszcze jakieś dotychczas nieznane ludzkości istotne odkrycia naukowe, to natychmiast by je ukradli i twierdzili iż to oni ich dokonali, owe [Ω] Pieczęcie Boga! są aż tak mądrze zakodowane w Biblii, że aby je zrozumieć najpierw trzeba albo samemu dokonać danego istotnego odkrycia, albo też poznać i zrozumieć esencję co naprawdę stwierdza takie czyjeś istotne odkrycie.
{11 - błąd} Poważnym błędem jaki popelniło nasze pokolenie "wyżu demograficznego" jest że NIE wpajało młodszym generacjom nawyku czytania Biblii. Wszakże od czytanie Biblii zaczyna się poznawanie naszego Boga, zaś w miarę Jego poznania zaczyna się odkrywać i rozumieć prawdę, przykładowo taką jak istnienie powyższej "[Ω] Pieczęci Boga" jaka między innymi koryguje naukowe kłamstwo iż jakoby "czas" jest wytworem natury, kiedy faktycznie istnieje ogrom naukowo sprawdzalnych dowodów jakie każdy łatwo jest w stanie poznawać a jakie niepodważalnie dokumentują iż zarówno "upływ czasu" jak i działanie "czasu" zostało wynalezione przez Boga i wprogramowane tylko w nasz świat materii. "Jakże tu więc spodziewać się iż monopolistyczna 'oficjalna nauka ateistyczna' zrozumie i uzna działanie czegoś tak skomplikowanego jak niedoścignienie mądre zaprogramowanie przez Boga działania 'upływu czasu' i 'czasu' oraz uzna prawdę i wiedzo-twórczość mojej Teorii Wszystkiego z 1985 roku, jeśli jej pracownicy NIE czytają ani NIE są w stanie rozumieć Biblii zaś samej nauce brak jest jej nawet kompetencji aby zrozumieć i uznać istnienie i działanie UFO - chociaż od czasu odkrycia istnienia UFO w dniu 24 czerwca 1947 roku przez Arnold'a A. Kenneth następni przeliczni świadkowie, zdjęcia i widea już przez 75 lat nieustannie dokumentują UFO naukowcom (a odnotować warto, że ktoś z ludzi obserwuje gdzieś UFO praktycznie każdego dnia), zaś od 1980 roku, czyli już przez 42 lata, budowę i działanie UFO dokładnie wyjaśniają też naukowcom wynalezione przeze mnie gwiazdoloty zwane Magnokrafty." (Powyższe to podsumowanie gorzkiej prawdy o poziomie niekompetencji i oddalenia się od prawdy "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej" w badaniach innych inteligencji (np. Boga czy UFO), które NIE kooperują z badającymi je naukowcami a swą wiedzą niemierzalnie przewyższają ludzi - np. patrz wpis #151 do blogow totalizmu lub punkt #B1 ze strony o nazwie ufo_proof_pl.htm, albo patrz punkt #J2 ze strony explain_pl.htm dokumentującej iż "UFO to już zbudowane moje Magnokrafty".)

Videos #A4ab: Here are two English-language videos available for free on YouTube, the upper one is one and a half minutes long and entitled "Ancient Dates at the Arava Institute", and the lower one is about 17 minutes long and the title "Regenerate Episode 3 - Kibbutz Ketura Arava Institute Desert Farms". Both of these videos illustrate the enormously romantic success story in the extraordinary revival of the famous Judean dates from ancient Israel, extinct several hundred years ago because allegedly destroyed by the Crusaders several hundred years ago. This revival was accomplished by two women from around 2000-year-old seeds of these dates (i.e. from the times of Jesus) lying underground for around 2000 years and found in the archaeological excavations of the fortress "Masada". In addition, the bottom of both videos illustrates also the so-called "Kibbutz" from Israel, which for a long time I consider to be one of the models and prototypes of the "Nirvana System" designed by God - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #L5 from my web page named smart_tvs.htm. (Unfortunately, the blocking of the dissemination of the results of my research causes that so-far in the Israeli Kibbutzes neither their employees nor their leaders and managers know yet that their morally correct physical work is able to cause in themselves the constinous experiencing of the phenomenon of "earned nirvana", nor do they know also "how" to bring about the appearance of nirvana.) This romantic history of the revival of extinct Judean dates is described and illustrated in more detail in item #L3 from my web page named 2020life.htm. However, the story is best told by its creator, Dr. Sarah Sallon (while also using English and English subtitles "cc") on an 8-minute free video at . Here I am explaining and illustrating only the extraordinary spiritual connection of the place of rebirth of these dates with mysterious events in the life of the author and editor of this web page. (Click on the above green link to the selected movie to watch it)
       Both of these films confirm the uniqueness and wonder of the similarity of the Hebrew word "Arava" describing the area of the valley from today's Israel, also known as "Arava Desert" (where the miracle took place, among others, of the extracting of Judean dates from extinction), with the Maori word "Arawa" used in the name of apartments "Arawa" Flats in which the author and editor of this web page lives. After all, in the language of New Zealand Maori - the alphabet of which includes only 15 sounds (letters), i.e. using only: a, e, h, i, k, m, n, ng, o, p, r, t, u, w, wh, while NOT knowing the letter "v" and thus using the same sounding letter "w" instead, the word "Arawa" means "sacred talk". In I found the following explanation of the Maori word "Arawa": "According to Te Arawa oratory is sacred talk because when you see and hear the elders and the men of Te Arawa making speeches their talk begins with an apt saying" (note that in Maori "Te" is equivalent to English "The"). At the same time, in the descriptions of the desert valley "Arava" from Israel I found the following explanation of the meaning of the word "Arava" used in it: "arid land" which be translated as "dry land", " clean land, or "pristine land". This is why in I found the following description of a region of Israel called "Arava" - quote: "The Arava region, which is divided into the Central and Southern regions, is the desert valley that extends from the Dead Sea to Eilat, along Israel's border." In other words, the coincidences and unusualnesses described here and in item #A3 above, which are most strongly symbolized by the convergence of the words "Arava" and "Arawa", for believers that our fates are designed and managed by God for us, may also mean that their reading of these words is NOT accidental at all, but rather it should be understood as a choice and deliberate orders for them to perform one of the tasks that I described in item #A3 above. For example, personal involvement in the popularization or implementation of described in the caption under #G3bc and in item #G3 from my web page named wroclaw_uk.htm a completely new political system for humanity, called the Nirvana System - a phenomenon that stands by the principle of operation of which designed and already pre-programmed into human bodies our creator and God. This is because the implementation of the Nirvana System would have the power to cause on Earth two kinds of real and urgently needed reforms, repairs, and changes of the present fall into the future growth of humanity.
       The first among these kinds of repairing of the distorted humanity (through the implementation of the Nirvana System) requires that the highly prone to corruption, but commonly used today in all political systems, the hierarchical system of governing by means of monopolistic state offices, be peacefully replaced by a democracy similar to that of the city of Athens in ancient Greece. This is because a feature of this democracy is that all decisions have consequences which will affect life of more more than one person, are made by democratic voting either by all people affected by these decisions, or by representatives of these people. This change in governance principles is illustrated, inter alia, by a video from entitled "By The People | Democracy Maybe" available for free viewing at This movie has a Spanish narrative, but with English subtitles. It documents how the inhabitants of the 17,000-strong city of Cheran from the state of Michoacan in central Mexico (i.e. from the bloody state in the region of the world with one of the most brutalities) managed to peacefully introduce such an "Athenian" democracy, getting rid of previously ruling highly corrupt offices and politicians in power. In the system of this city, I was personally most impressed by the way they elect their representatives to the authorities and count the voters for each candidate - illustrated, for example, from 4 minutes of a 6-minute long film at and, for example, from 17 minutes of an approximately 23-minute film at For in the elections in this city, all candidates line up facing the crowd of their voters, and each city resident who elects them stands in a line in front of the candidate he/she prefers as a representative of his will and situation, then the number of voters in each of these lines is counted. Thus, in an impossible to deceive manner, such selecting and counting indisputably wins only the actual candidate with an immediately visible advantage of people who support him/her. Also looking at the eyes and faces of the people who chose him/her, this candidate will NOT have a heart or conscience to then NOT carry out their will. Documented by the content of this movie, descriptions of the principles of achieving such a change in the system of the city of Cheran can also be found in other descriptions and movies, both from (you can find them by clicking on this link) and also from (you can find them by clicking on this link).
       The second one out of these two types of repairing of the distorted humanity (through the process of reforming humanity in the direction of repair and growth), is illustrated by our Polish-language film prepared together with my friend and entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (meaning: "World without money: Nirvana system") also available on YouTube for free at the internet address This film indicates the features, advantages and operation of the "Nirvana System" described from various points of view in a number of my publications, for example in item #C7 from my web page named nirvana.htm, in INTRODUCTION and in "part #L" of the web page smart_tvs.htm, in item #G3 from the web page wroclaw_uk.htm, in items #A1 to #A4 from the web page partia_totalizmu_uk.htm, in item #A5 from the web page totalizm.htm, in item #A1 from the web page 2030_uk.htm, and in several other publications. The most important feature of this Nirvana System is that the phenomenon of nirvana which rewards the physically performed voluntary so-called "moral work" was designed by God and is already built into every human body. This phenomenon is the indescribably wonderful happiness of earned nirvana. This nirvana for sure works reliably, because I personally managed to develop it and keep it for around 9 months during my professorship in close to nature (and to God) tropical Borneo. As I also believe, it is the memory of miraculous experiences which such an earned nirvana provides, motivates me to the effort of incessantly convincing the rest of people about advantages, and about the superiority of the political Nirvana System over all systems that people managed to invent so-far. This is because this Nirvana System indicates a way to completely get rid of "money" (while along with "money" to also get rid of greed, extortion, exploitation, inequality, injustice, and almost every other form of evil). Such a gigantic improvement of the situation of the entire humanity will be obtained by this system through replacing the existing remuneration for work with "money" administered by imperfect and corruptible people, with the future remuneration for work with this miraculous phenomenon of the happiness of earned nirvana, which is managed by the omniscient and perfectly just God. After all, if a group of people, a village, or a city manages to get rid of money and starts to use this miraculous phenomenon of earned nirvana in order to reward with it every physically carried out voluntary so-called "moral work" (i.e. this "moral work" the attributes of which explain e.g. item #D2 from my web page named nirvana.htm), then together with money these people will also get rid of all evil about which verse 10:6 from the biblical "1 Timothy" warns us, I quote: "For the greed of money is the root of all evil", and also rebukes us verse 10:8 from "Matthew", quote: "You received for free, give for free!"
       The System of Nirvana itself, as well as the democratic and peaceful development of the voluntary principles of its implementation, are both indescribably important for the survival and well-being of entire mankind, and at the same time in the current situation of universal worship of power, money, splendor, wealth, exaltation over others, emphasizing differences , etc., they are extremely difficult to implement. Therefore, the implementation of this Nirvana System as well as movies linked and described above, which illustrate and explain the importance of this implementation for humanity, I also use on several other totaliztic web pages in the considerations of this subject, presented in there as illustrations that despite the skepticism of many people accustomed to "money" and "greed" of people, the Nirvana System can be implemented, its operation has already been practically tested, and when correctly implemented in practice it turns out to be incomparably more perfect than everything that humanity has invented so far in the matter of political systems. After all, the principle of operation of this system, which does not cause any harmful side effects, was designed and already pre-programmed into human bodies by the omniscient and incomparably wiser our creator and God, although unfortunately so far a meager substitute of this principle is only harmful use of drugs distorted by gangs of drug producers and by drug addicts. At the same time, it was on us humans that God imposed the obligation and "free will" to properly implement this System of Nirvana in accordance with verse 4:17 from the biblical "Letter of St. James the Apostle" - quote: "Who can do good and not do, he sins". This is why I supplement the above-mentioned Videos #A4ab, in my efforts to make people aware of the importance of the Nirvana System, by showing also other films devoted to the same matter, already linked on the above-mentioned web pages of totalizm as videos: #G3bc from the web page "wroclaw_uk.htm", #A5bc from the web page "totalizm.htm", #C7ab from the web page "nirvana.htm", #A2ab from the web page "cielcza_uk.htm", and #A1ab from the web page "2030_uk.htm".

Part #B: Photographs of our Class:


#B1. Our present photographs presents mainly this web page:

       This web page presents mainly photographs of our class taken in 2004. Thus it gives a good idea as to how we look like at present. In turn our appearance captured in 1964 is shown mainly on photographs from a different web page (in Polish) named lo.htm. But in order to idicate here "who is who" in our Class, below I am providing (and describing more exactly) one photograph of our Class taken in 1964. Here it is:

Fot. #B1 (M1 z [10])

Fig. #B1 (M1 z [10]): A photograph of entire class of Madam Hass, taken in 1964, i.e. when each of us, her students, were around 18 years old. This photograph shows the following persons (for girls firstly stated are their maiden names which were used during studies in the Lyceum of Milicz): (H) The late Madam Helena Hass - tutor and mentor of our class, (1) The late Zenon Skowroński, (2) Jan Pająk, (3) Emilia Sozańska, (4) Jan Defratyka, (5) Władysława Urbańska (married name Ograbek), (6) The late Kazimierz Kuczkowski, (7) Krystyna Dyla (married name Tysiak), (8) Zuzanna Kubiszyn (married name Kulik), (9) The late Roman Sperzyński, (10) Krystyna Skomra (married name Cisowska), (11) Wiesława Hołówko (married name Zdobylak), (12) Julian Partyka, (13) Andrzej Celejowski, (14) The late Wiesław Cygal, (15) Zbigiew Nęcki, (16) Halina Mrozek, (17) Krystyna Łakoma (married name Ignasiak), (18) Duklana Miga (married name Piskorska), (19) Zofia Twarda (married name Lorent), (20) Lidia Eisler (married name Patalas), (21) Anna Kasperowicz (married name Pytlińska), (22) The late Hanna Zarakowska, (23) Mirosława Osiecka (married name Demianiuk). (Notice that on this photograph NOT all pupils from the Class of Madam Hass are present.)
       All the above students, only that captured in different configurations, are also shown in photo Fig. #10 provided below in the descriptions of item #10. Anna Kasperowicz (after marriage named Pytlińska) from Part #D of this web page, and also in the photos from a separate web page (available in Polish only) about our class and our high school, named lo.htm. All those photos were also taken on the same day in 1964, means during the same opportunity of taking photographs of our entire class.
* * *

Fig. #B1 (who is who)

Fig. #B1 (who is who): In order to remind us who is who on this photograph Fig. #B1, it is enough to compare the (green) number attached to each person from the above who is who photo and then compare this number with the list of our class members provided above under the original version of this photo.

Alternatively, one can click with the mouse on the following green link that downloads a copy of the same photo supplied with above numbers (1) to (23) from the above list attached to subsequent persons from this photograph: After clicking on this link a separate window should appear with a so numbered photograph. This window can be enlarged in a way that is pre-programmed by the browser that one uses. It can also be stored in youyr own computer and later displayed and shifted into other area of the screen e.g. by grabbing it with the mouse.

#B2. More our photographs (especially these from 1964) can be viewed on the web page named lo.htm:


Part #C: In order to be in contact, it is necessary to make known our emails:


#C1. We should not be afraid to include our email to this web page:

       We live in times of spreading public panics and mutual scaring each other. Politicians scare us with wars, economists - with crisis, medics - with pandemic, so-called "false prophets" scare us with supposed not-too-distant arrival of the "end of world" (for more information about this supposed "end of world" - see item #B8 on the web page named seismograph.htm), television scare us with email cheats, etc., etc. No wonder that those amongst us who have time to view present television programs may think that emails are the biggest evil after biblical plagues.
       Probably I do NOT need to explain here, that this scaring people in televisions about supposed evils of revealing our email address to the general public, is just a "mountain made of a molehill". After all, the only thing that then endangers us, is that someone unauthorised sends us an email. But in such a case we do NOT need to reply to this email. From my own experience it stems that the only actual dangers which bring to us the revealing publicly our email address, is that someone can send to us photographs of various well-endowed and scantly clad beauties, while we later need to explain this to our wives - if it is with her when we accidentally open such an email. Other email dangers which frequently are described in television, such as the so-called "spam" (means, receiving emails from unknown people), or "scam" (means, attempts to cheat us by various cheaters through convincing us to e.g. invest our money into a gold mine in some non-existing country of Africa), are completely innocent - if we use a common sense during reading of emails that we receive and we maintain a principle to never open enclosures which arrived with emails from unknown people.
       The reality in the matter of emails is such, that similarly as everything else, emails also have their drawbacks - but simultaneously are highly useful. After all, emails allow to maintain a contact fast, cheaply, and conveniently in situations when normally we would not be able to remain in contact. They also allow to exchange information and views, show our photographs to other people, share descriptions, data, jokes, and carry out tens of other actions which are much on time for us. In turn all what is needed for us to be able to keep in touch via emails, is to present our email addresses on this web page - so that others from our year of study have the opportunity to write to us.

#C2. Free "Skype" is even better than emails:

       In internet is offered a free program named "Skype". It allows free of charge conversations between any two people who have an access to computers hooked to internet. Thus I recommend to these colleagues who have a friend that is able to install for them such a free "Skype" to download it to their own computers. The use of Skype is NOT only free of charge (what is quite important to people in our retirement age), but also very simple - i.e. much simpler than use of emails. After all, it does NOT require typing on a keyboard, but suffices to just talk to a microphone - similarly as we do it while using a phone. In addition the "Skype" allows also to see the person with whom we are talking - if that someone has a camera installed in the computer. (Of course, these ones who do NOT have such a camera, can also talk without a picture - as if they use a telephone or a radio.) In order to connect with someone via this "Skype", it suffices to know their Skype address (which can also be named the "Skype username"). For example, my own Skype address is janpajak46 written with small letters like a single word. I myself sometime use "Skype" - i.e. in days when I went to a "hot-spot" in nearby Wellinghton to use a free "Wi-Fi" available in there.

Part #D: Personal information and contact details which are already available about each one of us:

       (Sections of this "part #D" still awaits t be translated from Polish to English)

    #1. Our high-school colleague, the late Wojciech Bancarzewski:
       Unfortunately, Wojciech left us, falling victim to a heart attack. His grave is located at the Municipal Cemetery in Milicz. Wojciech's appearance at the time of our high-school education is shown in the following photo taken in 1964 (click here with the mouse to see it in a separate window) - Wojciech is visible on it as he is standing on the far right of our group, wearing a long, bright, unbuttoned sweater that shows his checked shirt.

Fig. #1

Fig. #1: This photo was taken in 1995. It shows the following members of Madam Hass's class (back row - from left to right): Julian Partyka, the late Wojciech Bancarzewski, Jan Defraftyka, Zbigniew Nęcki; (front row - from the left to right): Krystyna Dyla, Zofia Twarda, the late Anna Zarakowska, Władysława Urbańska, Danuta Chałupka. So you can see people whose photos are currently difficult to get hold of. For example, the late Wojciech Bancarzewski is seen as second from the left in the back row.

    #2. Anna Bielecka (after husband later surnamed: Bohn):
       The fate has thrown Anne to the Polish city of Poznań, where she currently lives. You can contact her there by phone at: (061) 823-70-77. From June 27, 2010, Anna also has her own email address So let us try if she has mastered the secrets of its use enough well to be able to communicate effectively with it.

Fig. #2.

Fig. #2: This is the official group photo of the participants of the reunion on June 5, 2004. This photo was taken at the entrance door to our high-school. I wonder if we are able to recognize each other on this photo? Anna (Bielecka) Bohn is the third person from the left in the second row (Between Milka and Zuzia standing first and second from the left in the first row).

    #3. Andrzej Celejowski:
       The fate has thrown Andrzeja (in English: Andrea) to Warsaw, where he currently lives. He can be contacted in there by calling (022) 67-68-651 (after 21) or (0) 507-360-784. Apparently, Andrzej also uses an email with the address - although in August 2010 I tested this address by sending an email to it, then it looked like that either Andrzej did not receive my email at all, or he looks to his emails very rarely - e.g. once in several years, because so far I have NOT received any answer.

Fig. #3

Fig. #3: The photo shows (starting from left) the following collegues from our class: the late Roman Sperzyński, Andrzej Celejowski, Jan Defratyka, Julian Partyka.

    #4. Danuta Chałupka (after husband later surnamed: Curyłło):
       The fate has thrown Danuta to Syców, where she currently lives. She can be contacted there by calling (062) 785-26-26. From 5 August 2010, Danuta also has her own e-mail address at So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #4.

Fig. #4: Danuta (Chałupka) Curyłło (third from the left). The photo shows (counting from the left): Krystyna Dyla, Zofia Twarda, Danuta Chałupka, Anna Bielecka, Zuzanna Kubiszyn, Władysława Urbańska.

    #5. The late Wiesław Cygal:
       Unfortunately, Wiesław left us, falling victim to cancer. His grave is located at the municipal cemetery in Wrocław-Osobowice.

Fig. #5: The late Wiesław Cygal (unfortunately we still do NOT have a photo of Wiesiek Cygal - perhaps someone living in Milicz can ask for it his still alive relatives).

    #6. Jan Defratyka:
       Janek Defratyka was my (i.e. the editor of this web page) best friend. Hence he provided me with a bit of information about himself. And so, right after graduating from high school, Janek went to the Officers' Academy of Engineering Forces in Wrocław. After the second year, he resigned from being in the army. After leaving army, he got married. His wife was a teacher at a hospital school. They have a son and two daughters. The fate took Janek to Krośnice, where he lives to this day. He associated his professional career with building construction. While working, he completed evening studies at the Worcław University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering. He worked in three construction companies. He started with a construction foreman and ended with the deputy director for technical matters. In 1993, he retired due to health reasons. He is passionate about sports. For several years he was the president of the Sports Club in Krośnice. He can be contacted in there by calling (071) 38-46-234. From April 10, 2010, Janek also has his own e-mail address So there is a possibility that he managed to master it so effectively that he will be able to correspond with the help of his email (it is worth checking it).

Fig. #6.

Fig. #6: Jan Defratyka (photograph from July 2004).

    #7. Krystyna Dyla (after husband surnamed: Tysiak):
       The fate allowed Krystyna to stay in Milicz, where she lives until today. After graduating from high-school, she worked initially for 2 years at TEXIM, and then for the next 37 years at PREFBET. In her professional career, she went through all positions in accounting, starting with a cashier and ending with a department manager. In 1984 she received the silver badge "Meritorious for Construction and Building Materials Industry". She has three daughters. Retired since 2001. He loves books, especially by Kraszewski. Has a huge library. He passionately does crosswords. She can be contacted by calling (071) 38-32-356. From June 20, 2010 Krystyna also has her own e-mail address: (it was supposed to be "", unfortunately someone already used the address "tykrys"). So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of emails writing enough to be able to use them effectively.

Fig. #7.

Fig. #7: Krystyna (Dyla) Tysiak. The photo taken around 1985.

    #8. Lidia Eisler (after husband surnamed: Patalas):
       The fate threw Lidia to Głogów, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there by calling (076) 832-22-11. From 23 June 2010, Lidia also has her own e-mail address: So it is worth trying if she already mastered the secrets of using emails to be able to communicate with them effectively.

Fig. #8

Fig. #8: Lidia (Eisler) Patalas (second from the right). The photo shows (starting from left): Krystyna Dyla, Krystyna Łakoma, Władysława Urbańska, Lidia Eisler, Zofia Twarda.

    #9. Wiesława Hołówko (after husband surnamed: Zdobylak):
       The fate allowed Wiesława to stay in Milicz, where she lives until today. She can be contacted there by calling (071) 38-41-490. From August 9, 2010, Wiesława also has her own e-mail address: So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #9

Fig. #9: Wiesława (Hołówko) Zdobylak (first from the left). The photo shows (from left): Wiesława Hołówko, Krystyna Łakoma, Krystyna Dyla, Emilia Sozańska, Zofia Twarda.

    #10. Anna Kasperowicz (after husband surnamed: Pytlińska):
       The fate threw Anna to Kalisz, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted in there by calling (062) 753-16-43. From August 8, 2010, Wiesława also has her own e-mail address: So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #10

Fig. #10: A photograph of the whole class of Madam Hass, taken in 1964. Numbers in round parentheses () are the same as in photo from Fig. #B1 (who is who). In turn number preceeded with # symbol, e.g. #19, are indicating description of a given person in the list from this "Part #D" of the web page. In this photo one can see, among others: Madam Helena Hass (H) - she is standing, dressed in dark, leaning against a tree log between Krystyna Łakoma (17) wering white shirt under half-open black blouse, and Emilia Sozańska (3) also dressed in black. Mirosława Osiecka (23) placed her hand on the left shoulder of Krystyna Łakoma (17). Behind Mirosława Osiecka (23) is visible slightly slanted Krystyna Dyla (7). To the left from Mirosława Osiecka (23) sits Wiesława Hołówko (11). Exactly above head of Madam Hass (H), partially hidden by the head of Duklana Miga (18), is partially visible my head, i.e. Jan Pająk (2), while I am telling something to nearby class colleague nicknamed "Milka", means to Emilia Sozańska (3) - who is attentively listening. (In our class, Milka was that extremely rare personality, admired and appreciated by everyone, which by nowadays scientists that research attributes and behaviours of women is called "alpha female" - i.e. a symbol of femininity, beauty, energy, inspiration, natural leadership qualities and skills of influencing fellow humans. This is because Milka has had that extreme vigour and charm, which in best way are illustrated by songs of the British female singer named Britney Spears, especially in the song "Crazy" to be played e.g. from the address, or from my "love-songs playlist" available from the web page p_12fm.htm. In the result, some boys from our class including myself, as well as from other classes, treated Milka as their secret highschool "sweetheart".) The right hand of Emilia Sozańska (3) looks as if it lifts something behind the back of head of Lidia Eisler (20). Above my head, the whole head of the late Wiesław Cygal (14) is visible. Anna (Kasperowicz) Pytlińska (21) is visible on the photo at the top-left as she stands slightly below by the left shoulder of Zbigniew Nęcki (15) with a flower in her hand. In turn the right shoulder of Zbigniew Nęcki (15), i.e. that shoulder from which hangs the right hand of the late Kazimierz Kuczkowski (6), almost touches much taller Julian Partyka (12). Between Zbigniew Nęcki (15) and as if looking over Halina Mrozek's (16) shoulder, is visible head of the late Kazimierz Kuczkowski (6) appearing to be much higher than the head of Anna Kasperowicz (21). Next to Halina Mrozek (16) whom is wering a mini skirt, but further away from camera, stays the late Zenon Skowroński (1). By left hand of Zenon Skowroński (1) the head of Zuzanna Kubiszyn (8) is visible. In turn betwen Zuzanna (Zuzia) Kubiszyn (8) and Krystyna Skomra (10) one can see Władysława (Urbańska) Ograbek (5) in white sweter and wearing glasses. The background for the head of Zenon Skowroński (1) is the chest of the late Roman Sperzyński (9) at the right shoulder of whom is the right hand of Jan Defratyka (4) standing next to him. #19 Teresa Niedzielska is crouched closest to the camera lens in the centre of this photo. On the right shoulder of #19 Teresa Niedzielska, Zofia Twarda (19) placed her right hand while standing next to Lidia Eisler (20).

    #11. Krystyna Kownacka (after husband surnamed: Piskozub):
       After graduating from our high-school, Krystyna started working in the administration of rural cooperatives in Polish callled "spółdzielczość wiejska". There she also worked for the next 35 years, retiring in 2001. During her professional career, she received several decorations from the workplace. In 1965 she got married and moved to Milicz, into the house where she lives until today. She has one daughter, currently (in 2004) after studying pedagogy. This daughter works in her mother's former high-school as a biology teacher. Krystyna has two granddaughters and one grandson. The son-in-law is a doctor. Krystyna's passion are her grandchildren. She spends a lot of time on the plot. She likes animals and her favorite dog "Misiu" is her mascot. She also loves walks along the sea, so she tries to spend holidays at the seaside. She is full of life and in good health. She can be contacted by calling (071) 38-40-692. From August 12, 2010, Krystyna also has her own email at So let us try whether she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #11

Fig. #11: Krystyna (Kownacka) Piskozub. (photo taken in 1986 - Krystyna looks exactly like we remember her from high-school!)

    #12. Zuzanna Kubiszyn (after husband surnamed: Kulik):
       The fate threw Zuzanne to Kalisz, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there by calling (062) 753-64-71. From June 18, 2010, Zuzanna also has her own e-mail address So it is worth trying if she already mastered secrets of using emails to be able to communicate with them effectively.

Fig. #12

Fig. #12: Zuzanna (Kubiszyn) Kulik (second from the right). The photo shows (from left): Emilia Sozańska, Krystyna Łakoma, Zuzanna Kubiszyn, Władysława Urbańska.

    #13. The late Kazimierz Kuczkowski:
       Unfortunately, Kazimierz left us after having a parachute accident during training at the Higher Officer Academy of Mechanized Forces in Wroclaw. His grave is located in the parish cemetery in Barków - about 8 km south-west of Żmigród.

Fig. #13

Fig. #13: The late Kazimierz Kuczkowski. Photo taken on December 5, 1963.

    #14. Krystyna Łakoma (after husband surnamed: Ignasiak):
       The fate threw Krystyna to Ostrzeszów, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there by calling (062) 730-27-19 or (0) 602-136-487. As from June 28, 2010, Krystyna also has her own e-mail address: So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of emails enough to be able to use them effectively.

Fig. #14

Fig. #14: Krystyna (Lakoma) Ignasiak. Photo taken around 1963.

    #15. Maryla Maciejowska (after husband surnamed: Łabanowska):
       The fate threw Maryla to Ruciane-Nida, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there on the telephone number (087) 42-311-03. From August 2, 2010, Maryla also has her own e-mail address: So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #15: Maryla (Maciejowska) Łabanowska (we still do NOT have photos of her).

    #16. Duklana Miga (after husband surnamed: Piskorska):
       The fate threw Duklana to Wrocław, where she lives to this day. One can contact her there on the phone number (071) 375-26- 02 (from 8 am to 3 pm). Since August 13, 2010, Duklana also has his own e-mail address So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #16

Fig. #16: Duklana (Miga) Piskorska (second on the left). Photo taken on September 7, 2002. It shows (in order of faces from left): Krystyna Dyla, Duklana Miga, Zofia Twarda (the one a bit in the back), Władysława Urbańska (the one in front), Danuta Chałupka, Julian Partyka (only a part of the face is visible), Mr Brzuszek (the one with the mustache), Hanka Bielecka.

    #17. Halina Mrozek:
       The fate threw Halina to Wrocław, where she lives to this day. One can contact her there on the phone number (071) 357-05-97. Since August 6, 2010, Duklana also has his own e-mail address So it is worth to try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #17: Halina Mrozek (her photos we are still lacking)

    #18. Zbigiew Nęcki:
       The fate threw Zbyszek to Wrocław, where he lives to this day. We can contact him in there through the phone number (071) 350-99-95 and the e-mail that he has been using for a long time for private contacts, and that has the address As since August 16, 2010, Zbyszek also has a second e-mail address:, through which we can also try to contact him about our class.

Fig. #18

Fig. #18: Zbigniew Nęcki (in the middle). The photo shows (from the left): the late Roman Sperzyński, Zbigniew Nęcki, Wiesław Sakałus.

    #19. Teresa Niedzielska (after husband surnamed: Szmachaj):
       The fate left Teresa to Bydgoszcz, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted in there at number (052) 322-45-55. As since July 3, 2010, Teresa also has her own e-mail address: (the pronunciation of the name for this 7th wonder of the world, i.e. for the Taj Mahal from Aga in India, when written in Polish, it reads "tasz macha"). So let us try if Teresa has mastered the secrets of emails enough to be able to use them effectively.

Fig. #19: Teresa (Niedzielska) Szmachaj (we still do NOT have her photos).

    #20. Jan Pająk:
       After graduating from out Secondary School in Milicz, for the next 6 years I studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Technology. (In the same year of studies as the late Roman Sperzyński.) Then, from 1970 until 1982, I worked as a lecturer at the same Wrocław University of Technology. In 1974 I defended my doctorate and obtained the official title of "doctor of technical sciences". In 1982, I immigrated to New Zealand. Presently I live in the suburb of Wellington, means the capital of New Zealand (this suburb is called Petone about which a bit more is explained in item #A3 from this web page). My life is described in more detail by the autobiography from the web page: pajak_jan_uk.htm.

Fig. #20

Fig. #20 (Z1 z [1/5]): Jan Pająk. The photo for the ID card was taken on July 19, 2004. It reflects my present appearance relatively well.

Fig. #20b (M2 z [10])

Fig. #20(b) (M2 z [10]): This is one of two photos of some of the participants of our class, made during a private meeting which took place in Milicz on 5 July 2004.
Both of these photos are shown at sakalus_wieslaw.htm. This photo was taken in the house of Władysława (Urbańska) Ograbek, while reading the poems by Wiesław Sakałus. In the photo were captured (from left to right): Emilia Sozańska (here visible from the profile), Julian Partyka (only partially visible above the head of Emilia), Władysława (Urbańska) Ograbek, Sue Dawood (wife of Jan Pająk), Jan Pająk (the one who is just writing down some information), Wiesław Sakałus (reading poems), Krystyna (Dyla) Tysiak (carefully listening).

    #21. Julian Partyka:
       The fate allowed Julian to stay in Milicz, where he lives until today. He can be contacted in there by calling (071) 38-41-305. As from August 15, 2010, Julian also has his own e-mail address So it is worth trying if he already mastered the secrets of using emails to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #21: Julian Partyka (we still do NOT have his individual photo).

    #22. Irena Płócienniczak (after husband surnamed: Ryś):
       The fate took Irena to Jutrosin, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there by calling (071) 38-41-220. As from July 24, 2010, Irena also has her own e-mail address: So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #22: Irena (Płócienniczak) Ryś (we still do NOT have her individual photo).

    #23. Wiesław Sakałus:
       The fate threw Wiesław to Brzeg Dolny, where he lives to this day. One can contact him there by phone (071) 319 92 54. He used to use two honorific e-mails with addresses (I contacted him via this e-mail in 2005), and (this address Wiesław used in 2003). Unfortunately, when in 2010 I tested both these emails, then it turned out that the address "" does NOT exist anymore, while the address "" still exists, however Wiesław either does NOT receive or does NOT read emails which come to this address. As from August 17, 2010, Wiesław also has his own (new) e-mail address: So one can try to see if he already mastered the secrets of using emails to be able to contact us effectively with the help of this new address.
       I recommend everyone's attention poems of Wiesław (in Polish), which you can read when one click on his name, i.e. when you open his personal website.

Fig. #23

Fig. #23: Wiesław Sakałus (third from the right). The photo shows (from left): Krystyna Łakoma (only half of her visible), the late Roman Sperzyński, Andrzej Celejowski, Wiesław Sakałus, Jan Defratyka, Julian Partyka.

    #24. Irena Sawczenko (after husband surnamed: Słotwińska):
       The fate threw Irena to Trzebnica, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there via the telephone number (071) 312-01-32. As from August 14, 2010, Irena also has her own e-mail address So let's try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #24

Fig. #24: Irena (Sawczenko) Słotwińska (in the center, facing the right profile). The photo shows (starting with Irena - clockwise): Hanna Zarakowska, Krystyna Dyla, Danuta Chałupka (not well visible), Wojtek Bancarzewski (turned with his back - only back of his head is visible), wife of Wojtek Bancarzewski, Władysława Urbańska (sits next to Irena).

    #25. Krystyna Skomra (after husband surnamed: Cisowska):
       The fate threw Krystyna to Trzebnica, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there by calling (071) 387-11-75. As from 27 July 2010, Krystyna also has her own e-mail address: I also know that for sure she has already mastered the skill of writing, sending and receiving e-mails, because in September 2010 I had the pleasure of receiving an e-mail from her. So it is worth and one should contact her via fast and effective e-mails.

Fig. #25

Fig. #25: Krystyna (Skomra) Cisowska. Photo taken in June 1963.

    #26. The late Zenon Skowroński:
       Unfortunately, Zenek has already passed away. His grave is located at the municipal cemetery in Milicz.

Fig. #26: The late Zenon Skowroński (we still do NOT have his individual photo).

    #27. Emilia Sozańska:
       Emilia was born in Żmigród on July 7, 1946. To this day, she also lives in her hometown. After graduating from our high-school, she started her professional career working at a primary school in Bychów. After a year of work, her daughter was born. Two years later her son was born. In 1970 she started working in the as Councillor in the Municipal National Council of Żmigród, where she worked for the next 8 years. At that time, she began studies at the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław, Faculty of Recreation and Tourism, but had to leave it after the third year for family reasons. The next step in her professional career was to start working in education in 1978, initially in administration, then as a physical education teacher. In the meantime, she graduated from the Teacher Training College with a major in physical education. She worked in education until her retirement in 2002. For many years she was unsuccessful in treating the degeneration of the left hip at that time. In 1995, she had to undergo a hip replacement. Despite these health problems, she remains active and physically fit to this day, still active in the sports arena. In fact, sport is one of Emilia's passions to this day. Emilia works in the Poviat Council of the LZS in Trzebnica and in the Town and Commune Council of the LZS in Żmigród. Another passion is cultivating a garden plot. She also loves sewing her own creations. Virtually everything she dresses is of her own making. She has four grandchildren. The apple of her eye is the eldest grandson with a scientific mind and interests in mathematics, physics and chemistry. She can be contacted via the telephone number (071) 385-33-63. As from April 12, 2010, Emilia also has her own e-mail address: So far she uses this email mainly due to the considerable help of this grandson who is passionate about computers. Nevertheless, while slowly, her mastery of the art of writing, sending and receiving emails continues to increase. She once estimated that by the end of the winter of 2010/2011 she should become proficient and independent in the art of emailing. So it is worth promoting her efforts to master the e-mail technique by sending her e-mails also from oneself, and by maintaining constant e-mail contact with her.

Fig. #27

Fig. #27: Emilia Sozańska (photo taken in 2004).

Fig. #27 (b)

Fig. #27 (b): Emilia Sozańska (first from the left). The photo shows (starting from left): Emilia Sozańska, Krystyna Łakoma, Andrzej Celejowski, Zuzanna Kubiszyn.

    #28. The late Roman Sperzyński:
       After graduating from our high-school, Roman studied at the Wroclaw University of Technology, being on the same year of study as the editor of this web page - i.e. the Department of Mechanical Engineering. University of Technology . He graduated in 1970, receiving the title of "Master of engineering and Engineer".
       After graduating from the Wrocław University of Technology, fate threw Roman Sperzyński to Poznań, where he lived and worked until 2011. At that time he could be contacted there at his business phone number (061) 855-24-92 ext. 4 (from 8 am to 5 pm) or by email Unfortunately, I regret to pass here the information that on April 22, 2011, Roman Sperzyński died. His funeral took place on April 28, 2011 in the church of st. Antoni Padewski in Starołęka.

Fig. #28: The late Roman Sperzyński (we do NOT have an individual photo of him - although he was captured on several group photos from this web page).
       Because after graduating from High School in Milicz, the late Roman Sperzyński studied with me and with the rest of the graduees of 1970 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Technology - while that our year of study also has its own website named rok.htm - collective photos in which the late Roman Sperzyński is also visible are published on that web page rok.htm.

    #29. Zofia Twarda (after husband surnamed: Lorent):
       The fate threw Zofia to Zgorzelec, where she lives to this day. She can be contacted there by calling (075) 77-58-778. From 29 July 2010, Zofia also has her own e-mail address So let us try if she has mastered the secrets of using emails enough to be able to contact us effectively.

Fig. #29

Fig. #29: Zofia (Twarda) Lorent (second from left). The photo shows (from left): Danuta Chałupka, Zofia Twarda, Julian Partyka, Zuzanna Kubiszyn, Ś.P. Roman Sperzyński.

    #30. Władysława Urbańska (after husband surnamed: Ograbek):
       The fate allowed Władysława (Dziunia) to stay in Milicz, where he lives until today. She can be contacted there by calling (071) 38-40-812 or (0) 695-775-125. As from August 9, 2010, Dziunia also has her own e-mail address

Fig. #30

Fig. #30. Władyslawa (Urbańska) Ograbek (the one in the middle of the first row, between Zbyszek and Wiesiek). The photo shows: (first row from left): Wiesław Sakałus, Władysława Urbańska, Zbigniew Nęcki, the late Roman Sperzyński; (second and third row in face order from left): Zofia Twarda, Andrzej Celejowski (this one far back), Miga Duklana, Mr Brzuszek (the one with the mustache), Krystyna Łakoma (protrudes from outside Danuta), Danuta Chałupka, Emilia Sozańska, Krystyna Dyla (in glasses), Anna Bielecka, Julian Partyka, Jan Defratyka (in blue shirt), Lidia Eisler (in a red blouse).

    #31. Ś.p. Hanna Zarakowska:
       Unfortunately, Hania has already left us, falling victim to breast cancer. In fact, her whole life was extremely tragic. For example, her 10-year-old daughter fell under the wheels of a bus before her eyes and died. (It happened on the daughter's return from church shortly after her first Holy Communion, when the daughter saw her mother on the other side of the street and wanted to run up to her.) The grave of Hania (and her daughter's) is in the parish cemetery in Żmigród.

Fig. #31

Fig. #31: Photograph of girls from Madam Hass's class, taken in 1964. This photo also shows those girls whose photos are currently no longer available. For example, at the very front sits the late Hanna Zarakowska. Other pupils still need to be described. For example, Miroslawa Osiecka - now Demianiuk - is seated second from the left. (Here I would like to thank Mrs. Lucynie Kokot-Folcik, email:, from a class one year younger than us, for help in identifying this our female colleague and friend.)

    #32. Irena Ciesielska:
       The fate allowed Irena to stay in Milicz, where she lives until today. Animals are her passion. She can be contacted by calling (071) 38-41-220. As from August 18, 2010, Irena also has her own email address

Fig. #32: Irena Ciesielska (We still lack her individual photo).
* * *
       Let us keep updating this web page. I am reminding here members of our Class, to send me further contacts to our classmates. After all, a lot of contacts is still missing. Also please verify, update, and augment your own contact details, descriptions, and illustrations, that are provided on this web page as well as on the page named lo.htm - Our class.

Part #E: The philosophical comments:

#E1. We have many reasons to be proud of:

       If you think carefully about the times in which we were born and in which we attended school and high-school, we have many reasons to be proud. Below I will list the most important of them:
       1. Our youth was in wonderful times which cannot be compared with the present ones.
       2. The world was more optimistic then than it is today.
       3. People in our youth adhered to moral principles. This developed in us a strong respect for ethics and morality.

#E2. A joke on time for our age:

       Those amongst us, who frequently use emails and internet, probably noticed that due to these, various funny stories and jokes are lately circulated around the world. One amongst these emails, attracted especially my attention, because it is highly on time for our situation and age. This funny story has the title "A senior moment". I am repeating it below for laughing by those amongst us whom still maintain their sense of humour. Here it is:
       A very self-important fresh college student attending a game of rugby, took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen sitting next to him why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation."You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one," the student said, loud enough for many of those nearby to hear. "The young people of today grew up with television, jet aeroplanes, space travel, man walking on the moon, our spaceships have visited Mars. We have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars, computers with light-speed processing and….. ", pausing to take another gulp of beer. The Senior took advantage of the break in the student's litany and said, "You're right, son. We didn't have those things when we were young........ so…… we invented them. Now, you arrogant little sh*t, what are you doing for the next generation?" The applause was resounding...

Part #F: Final information of this web page:

#F1. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk - all rights reserved:

       Copyrights © 2022 - all rights reserved. The authorship and copyrights for descriptions from "part #D" of this web page are reserved for each person to the name of which given descriptions are linked. In turn the authorship and copyrights for descriptions from the remaining parts of this web page (apart for that "part #D") are reserved for Dr Eng. Jan Pająk - the editor, author, and the webmaster of the entire this web page.

#F2. "Disclaimer" of the editor of this web page:

       Please notice that, as so-far, this web page has just a single editor, whom is Dr Eng. Jan Pajak. Thus the majority of text of it was prepared and is updated just by him. The contribution of other graduates of the year 1964 listed here mainly concentrates on the formulation of the "part #D". Therefore views presented on this web page in parts other than that "part #D", not necessarily are shared by all graduates of the year 1964 listed here. Means some phenomena and situations commented in parts different than that "part #D" can be interpreted on many different ways by some amongst these graduates.

#F3. Let us write in our computer addresses under which copies of this web page can be found:

       Similarly as all other machines, computers also have tendencies to break down or fail sometimes - especially when we urgently need them. Furthermore, web pages which I prepared are available exclusively on "free servers" - i.e. are uploaded in such a manner, that I am NOT getting any bills to pay from owners of these servers. Therefore many addresses under which this web page was placed in past, with the elapse of time were deleted. During the newest update of this web page (the date of which update is indicated at the top of its "Menu" and also at the very end of it) it was still working at several following addresses. The main copy of it is available at addresses: In turn identical to the above one, reserve copies of it are available, amongst others, at addresses: In order to always have the above addresses at hand, I would recommend to copy them and then to paste them into some folder with addresses which we keep in our own computer.
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