"Playlist" programmed by Dr Jan Pająk with videos of action songs of the tataliztic character, working under "Google Chrome", and offered for free in English (p_a.htm) and po polsku (p_l.htm) together with the instruction how to use it
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It would be nice if while showing spaceship Magnocraft of my invention and using images and designs that I developped, the authors show respect to effort I put into its development, thus instead of scoffing at it they are able to indicate any rational objections that they may have about it, in the following "playlist" of songs (in Polish) entitled "Ruch Oporu – Bity Nadśliskie full album" that they are dissemainating about result of my research and inventions:
Note that the real reasons why they spread such missinformation is explained in {11} and {12} from item #H2 of my web page named biblia.htm and in items #I4, #A5 and WSTĘP to my Polish web page named totalizm_pl.htm.
Full screen playlists where next playlists are to right or down:
p_nfa.htm (songs with action - piosenki z akcją)
p_nfb.htm (Bolivian songs - piosenki Boliwii)
p_nfc.htm (classic songs - klasyczne piosenki)
p_nfd.htm (Caporal dances - tańce zwane Caporal)
p_nfe.htm (Eastern songs - piosenki Wschodu)
p_nff.htm (femine dancing groups - żeńskie grupy taneczne)
p_nfg.htm (German-language songs - piosenki niemieckojęzyczne)
p_nfh.htm (neo-medieval songs - piosenki obecnej epoki "neo-średniowiecza")
p_nfi.htm (Inka walls and songs - piosenki z murami Inków)
p_nfj.htm (Jan's favourite playlists - najbardziej ulubione piosenki Jana)
p_nfl.htm (Latin American music - muzyka Ameryki Łacińskiej)
p_nfm.htm (songs about love - piosenki o miłości)
p_nfn.htm (native songs - piosenki narodowe)
p_nfp.htm (Polish songs - polskie piosenki)
p_nfr.htm (Russian songs - rosyjskie piosenki)
p_nfs.htm (sexy performances - seksowne występy)
p_nft.htm (Thai songs - piosenki Tajlandii)
p_nfu.htm (Ukrainian songs - piosenki Ukrainy)
p_nfv.htm (Lithuanian songs - litewskie piosenki)
p_nfw.htm (songs of N. Korea - piosenki Północnej Korei)
p_nfx.htm (untotaliztic songs - nietotaliztyczne piosenki)
p_nfz.htm (Chinese songs - chińskie piosenki)
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