"Playlist" programmed by Dr Jan Pająk with cats and videos of songs loved by Sue, and offered in English (p_c.htm) together with the instruction how to use it
Fig. #1
Fig. #1: Sue's favourite cat named "Teecee" (1998-2006) killed by a UFO - for more details see the description from item #B3 and #B1 of the web page named bandits.htm.
Fig. #2
Fig. #2: Sue with cat "Szarak", photographed in 2010 by our old flat which we hired from February 2001 till March 2012. (From a different angle this old flat shows also "Fig. #B2b" of page petone.htm.) Szarak died of old age in July 2011.
Fig. #3
Fig. #3: Sue in our old flat with her cat named "Bestra", photographed in 2011. When we shifted to a new flat in March 2012, the cat refused to follow us. So it was left to live with our former neighbour. Bestra died in 2017.
Fig. #3
Fig. #4: Sue's current cat named "Pedro" - taken in garden of our new flat in March 2012. This cat "adopted" us. Note the initial appearance of garden in our new flat - its present appearance shows "Fig. #G1" of page solar.htm.
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