"Playlist" programmed by Dr Jan Pająk with videos of Polish folk songs of the tataliztic character, working under "Google Chrome", and offered for free in English (p_e.htm) and po polsku (p_l.htm) together with the instruction how to use it
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Fig. #1
Fig. #1: My father, Wincenty Pająk (1903-1981), playing a violin - photo from the end of Second World War. His favourite melody was "Żywiec czardas" - very similar to that played here by "Hora". Fragments of my father's fate - e.g. miracle of his survival of the botched Allied bombing of Peenemunde, where as a prisoner of war/POW, he worked on the assembly of "V" missiles, describes #B1 of the page pajak_jan_uk.htm, while his "golden hand" ability describes #D2 of the page wszewilki_uk.htm. (It is worth noticing here God's justice and sense of humor. After all, the inventor of Magnokraft Starship and Time Vehicle was NOT the son of Wernher von Braun - the builder of deadly "V2" missiles elevated by Americans, but the son of the Braun's Polish "slave", who assembled V rockets and was a rare POW who survived the botched Allied bombing on 17/18 August 1943.) In turn my musical accomplishments are revealed on "Fig. #A4 and #A5" from volume 1 of monograph [1/5]. (Click on this photo to see it enlarged.)
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